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Hey fellow users, CHAMPION THIS!  (but only if you'd find it useful)

These are the additional functionalities I'd like to see:
  1. Other Shapes (rectangle with rounded/square edges, in particular)
  2. Magnify one area, but display magnification elsewhere (like a call out)
  3. Lines that show where it came from (akin to Rick Stone's post here )
  4. Dynamic, so I can drag it around, resize it, duplicate it. 
If I want to magnify, say, a tiny piece of text, I want to indicate clearly what it is, it must be magnified quite a bit.  The width::height aspect ratio of the text is very high.  The current magnify option of circle's aspect ratio 1:1.  This means that what I want to emphasize through magnification is not obvious because it is dwarfed by all the stuff around it that had to be magnified as well, and the context/exact placement of what was magnified is obscured.

Yes, this can be done manually (as I've done below), but really, this should be simple, and not cast in pixels once created.  I've been known to change my mind about the look of something, and keeping it dynamic makes that possible.

Below is my "Dreamboat" magnifier and the current "garbage scow" magnifier (it does the job, but it's not pretty).

This is the current behavior:  Compare the context and visual elan with that above.
Which would you rather use?

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Bruce Morehouse

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  • hopeful it will get implemented in the near future

Posted 4 years ago

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I don't have any idea to add but I very certainly can think of many uses for this capability. I often do announcements that need a point really emphasized. This would be very impressive.
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Bruce Morehouse

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If you think this is a good idea, could you vote it up?  That's the new methodology for getting additional functionality added to  Snagit.
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C'mon techsmith. This excellent suggestion is now 3 years old and the magnify tool is still just as lame?
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Hi and thanks for submitting your idea!

As outlined in our New Community Processes post, feature requests are open to voting up through the 1st of the month (this month is slightly different, due to the holidays) where we will then tally the votes and present the findings to our product teams. To ensure we have the most accurate data, on the 1st of the month we will be locking the threads that were listed in the Feature Request Round-up that was posted on the 15th. Once we have reviewed the submitted feature requests, our product team(s) may respond to the request, and if that is the case then that thread will then be unlocked for further discussion.

In the event that your idea is not selected for a response feel free to resubmit the idea and share it with your colleagues to garner as much exposure as possible!

Thank you again for your idea and we look forward to hearing more from you!

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Zoom Pointer.

I know Snagit already has the ability to zoom into an area of a snag'd picture. Is it possible to add the ability to zoom to the side/above/below and point to the origins of the zoomed area and display the zoom away, not directly above.... Like the attached photo I found on the internet.
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This makes a lot of sense. The main problems I'm seeing you all suggest is that:
  1. A circle isn't always the right shape for all types of content (agreed, that was where we wanted to start)
  2. You lose context around the magnified area, when we cover it up
We are actively discussing what it would take to make these happen. And we really appreciate the thought you put into the feature (especially all the options for each component).

One thing that we've discussed before that I haven't seen mentioned is having a magnified shape but then having a text object attached to it with a line. I'm thinking that's probably not as important as the changes you are suggesting. Correct?
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the most options the better, I say.
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Charles Bill

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I often do announcements that need a point really emphasized. This would be very impressive.
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I remain ever hopeful for something like this that I regularly use...

Cheers... Rick :)