Maintaining Colors for Annotations & Not AutoScaling Fonts

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I have recently upgraded from Camtasia 8.6, some things are better in 9.05, but I think I will go back to 8.6 because there are too many things not working well.

What's Bad:

1) When creating an ANNOTATION, and defining a Color, next time I add an Annotation, it goes back to default... In 8.6 the Highlighted yellow is not matched, so I have to manually edit the color EACH time I add an annotation, to match previous presentation clips.. That's just painful.

2) When placing text in the Annotation, and setting a font size, the text will often change in size...  And Then you set the text back to the size you want...  But if you change the Annotation box size, it SOMETIMES, rescales, sometimes does not.

3) I use mouse clicks, the RINGS are larger in 9.05 than with 8.6.  Also, the MOUSE clicks can not be heard in 9.05, although t'CIRCLE in the time line can be seen to show it can see them (Yes I am using PC version not MAC version).   If I revert to 8.6 they work.  Does not matter if I record in V9 Screen recorder, same happens.  I can see the click in the time line, but no click is heard.

4) When I trimmed video in 8.6.   If I copied and pasted a segment for another part of the clip... then I could untrim the clip to 'carry on from later or earlier in the clip'.  In version 9.05, I can not do this, I have to redrag the original clip to the time line and scroll through the entire clip to find the point I trimmed to last time.

5) I can not collapse the number of tracks to the same dimunative size as I could in 8.6, which means when many Annotations and shapes are added, I can not see all video elements for dragging and moving.  8.6 used to allow a smaller video time line height.

6) I can't see how to repeat the last CALL OUT/Annotation used, I have to select the appropriate one each time.70 It seems less stable , crashing and just hanging.

Whats Good.
1) The new Annotations, curve radius remains the same when scaling Annotation boxes with curved corners.  In 8.6 its frustrating that the boxes scale the RADIUS too when expanded... Which gets 'CHAD VALLEY' looking when you make the boxes bigger. 

2) Speech bubbles can get the point of reference re-routed.  (The end of the bubble)...  I like that.

3) After a Crash, the AutoRecover, seems to work better.  I don't loose so much work.

4) The encoding 'Appears' to be faster.
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