Make the Layout of Camtasia and SnagIt UI’s 100% Customizable

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With every major release of Camtasia and SnagIt. There’s a new User Interface and a different layout. It takes time and effort to learn where things are. This requires invested man hours. Time is money.

Adobe’s had fully customizable UI’s for as long as I can remember. This alleviates the problem of learning new UI’s. Why, because you can stick to the old UI if you wish. You can even create a  layout that’s exactly as you always felt it should be. Then, save it as a custom workspace.

 Quick Example, Adobe’s Premier Pro can be converted to function a lot like Camtasia 9. 

I borrowed the left side Menu Bar and Top Ribbon from Camtasia 9. Pasted it over Premiere Pro CC 2017. Other than that, it’s all Adobe. “Obviously, PP didn’t have those available”

You can dream up any configuration. Even against all norms. If it works for you, you can have it.

You can have floating or docked windows, the sky’s the limit. I'll end this post with these examples and a footnote.

I’m sure some of the “Floating Windows and Tool-sets” were quite different back in1989 / 1993. Plus, I had a hard time finding any decent screen shots of Photoshop from 25 years ago.

However, Photoshop and Premier Pro from 2005 were more obtainable.

SO, if someone started using Premiere Pro and Photoshop way back in 2005. Plus, still preferred using the default layout from back then. Would it be possible in 2017?

Well, I’ll let you be the judge.


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  • Honestly,Probably wasting my Time

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I wish companies would stop using the Black screen and Grey type. Camtasia Uses  Adobe Products use it, there are other Graphic programs seem to use it to. Using these product are affecting my eyesight. 
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I wonder how many people are getting to use the older interfaces (in Snagit at least) the same way I am.... I just stopped upgrading. My failure to upgrade from 9 on my home PCs was mostly oversight until I needed it on one of my work machines, for which I bought a Snagit 12 (the then-current version) licence for because hey, I liked Techsmith and wanted to support them, right?

I didn't really enjoy the experience. Thereafter it became a choice, not an oversight.

Blur any shape feature? Gone. Search pane? Replaced by the Library tab which is in itself better BUT you no longer had the flags down the side when the pane was minimised to apply to the current image with one click; you have to navigate across to the Library tab to apply them. But hey, at least that's better than 13 where somebody woke up one morning and decided that nobody needed flags at all so let's just take them away. (Indeed that seems to be a regular guessing game with each Snagit upgrade; what will be removed this time around?) Personally I find each iteration of the captures menu in Snagit to have the vibe "some new guy has had an idea, not necessarily a better idea, just a different one, let's do it that way this time".  Sure, 12 gave me video capture which 9 doesn't, but I have Camtasia; I didn't need video capture in Snagit. Aside from that I'm trying to think of what improvements there have been since version 9; well, there's One Drive integration which was marked as "Implemented" even though it wasn't. Of course there hasn't been as much noise about that in recent times, which means that people no longer need it, not that they have grudgingly found workarounds for it, oh, and that "drip, drip,drip" sound couldn't possibly be customer loyalty being slowly but surely eroded. Aside from that there was, ah, ummmm... I'll get back to you.

Where Techsmith has an advantage over Adobe is that now that Adobe has hooked enough people on Creative Cloud they're really turning the screws on the subscription rates, whereas Techsmith's prices are more than reasonable for new versions... but the problem is that they're more than reasonable for improvements, not feature removal and arbitrarily changed GUIs, which in my view is all that Snagit seems to provide these days.

Or in Camtasia's case, for a version that has marginally improved annotations, slightly faster rendering speed, but otherwise has a feature set that I would have expected in 2007, not 2017. Oh, and a GUI that is widely loathed and that there was "going to be a meeting about", a meeting which apparently decided that "sticking our fingers in our ears and pretending that we can't hear the users is the optimum strategy for dealing with this". Still, 60fps may not be in this version or the next one, but it may be in the one after, 6 to 8 years from now based on the version 7 and 8 release cycles.

Which is a long-winded way of saying "Your emoticon? The one that says "Honestly, probably wasting my time"?  Yeah, most likely, I think."
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I would HOPE Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017 is more than merely tremendously better than C9, given the price.

So far, CS8 monthly average cost is $2.38 per month (3.57 because I purchased C9) and dropping.

Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017 is not purchased but rather rented for a "mere" $20 per month.  Over 5 times the cost.

BTW, the subscription price of Adobe Photoshop is why I quit upgrading. 

Microsoft Office 365 rental, for me, is drastically cheaper than an outright purchase.

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 Interesting take on the Adobe angle of this topic Mal Reynolds and ExpertNovice, since when was Adobe’s software ever inexpensive?

I was using there well thought out UI as an example but since you brought it up...................

I agree, on the surface Adobe’s subscriptions seem too expensive. Purchasing the programs outright would be better. I used to believe that as well. I have Master Suite CS6. At 4 years old, it’s become a bit antiquated now. Let’s peek at some price points now.

Premiere Pro...................................................CS6 ........ $799

After Effects....................................................CS6.........$999

Photoshop Extended.....................................CS6 .......$999

Master Collection / 20 Programs................CS6.......$2,599 

The cheapest programs Adobe offers for individuals today is a Combo of PhotoshopCC and Lightroom CC $9.99 a month. Lightroom 6 was $149. Image


Using CS6 pricing. It would take you 9.5 years to purchase both of those programs outright at $9.99 a month. At that rate, the software would be severely antiquated before you ever owned it and long overdue for an upgrade.

Most software Companies release a Major Upgrade every 1 to 2 years. With the subscription, the programs are always 100% up to date.New features included. I suspect rates will climb over the next 10 years.

If you went with Premier Pro and After Effects. At $19.99 per month/per App. You’re looking at a 3+ to 4 years’ time span before you could have technically “Purchased” the programs outright.  CC 2017 is much nicer than my CS6 suite but that’s another story.

The Master Collection is the best deal if you use at least 3 of these programs.  Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Dreamweaver CC, Audition CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Fireworks CS6, Incopy CC,  Animate CC, Acrobat Pro DC, Edge, Muse, Encore CC, SpeedGrade CC, Prelude CC, Flash Builder 4.7 Premium Edition, Adobe Story Plus, Lightroom CC , Bridge and Prosite .  $49.99 a month.

Now, Let’s talk about Reinventing the Wheel “TechSmith’s UI’s” with every major release.

As an accumulative effect, how much do you suppose that has cost TechSmith’s customers?

How many Dollars have been lost? Employees wages who struggle with the new interfaces? Moved features? Changed Workflows? If you had 3, 5,10 or more such employees. What if it was your Personal Business? Or you were the CEO of that business. Would Camtasia and SnagIt still look like a Screaming Bargain by comparison to you?

Is it really more cost effective for TechSmith themselves? To create entirely new UI’s on a regular basis?

It’s seems like it would be cheaper in the long run to create a fully customizable one like Adobe did long, long ago and just stick with it. Then the design team can dedicate those man hours to program functionality.

I’m not saying all this to praise Adobe here. They are arguably, the best software available. Studying the competition and learning from them. Adapting to their techniques and strategies. Is just being smart. IMO.



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You are sooo right Joe!

Either fully customizable, which may be complicated as the program presumably has not be designed that way,
return to the GUI that was (and for many of us still IS) appreciated, i.e. v11, use that as a 'base' and allow small customizations.
Whatever the choice: it all boils down to getting rid of the current minimal GUI.

(whilst having a v13 license, I can't get myself to start spending time on making things work the way I am used to in in good old v11)
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Excellent point Joe.  Instead of reinventing from scratch they could have been introducing small customizable changes that have been requested, added floating window panes, etc.

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