Make the Shape of a Shape Stay Shaped

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I am drawing rectangles with rounded edges. There is a nice little yellow diamond that allows me to adjust the bevel of those curves. But I cannot get it to stay that way. Everytime I draw a new rectangle, it resets the yellow bevel diamond. How do I make it stay the way I want?

In the pictures, I started with the top. I shaped it to look like the middle. But then it goes right back to the bottom. 
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Posted 11 months ago

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Perhaps try saving it twice? First, as a Quick Style, then adding it to your Favorites?
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I thought I knew the answer creating a new theme and just adding the images that you created to the dotted square with the + symbol.
Can't really see the point in this " feature" if it forgets the configuration when you attempt to put it back on the canvas.

My answer is it can't be done but it should.

Ricks work around might be the answer but I don't know where favorites live. Quick favorites doesn't seem to work either.  
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I wish you could save a custom curve style, it defaults to the same setting no matter what you do.

There was a feature request to allowing saving as desired. But it didn't go anywhere apparently.

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Dunno if you've solved this yet, but I've seen this behavior and realized it was OE101, Operator Error 101.

Here's the problem: If the shape is selected and you click on another shape (or the same shape) from the properties box, the original shape you drew (and fixed up the way you wanted it to be) will change to the new shape you just clicked in the properties box.

The fix: create the shape the way you want it then click once anywhere else on the drawing - that click removes the selection handles from your shape. Experiment a bit and you'll get the hang of it.

It's truly annoying behavior but with a tiny extra click anywhere else on the drawing, you'll find the original shape stays the way you want it.

That's my answer. In case it doesn't work, then I don't know - LOL :)

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I think you're being to hard on yourself.
It is a system problem.

I found what you are directly talking about actually drives me nuts.
I don't know who often I end up redoing shapes because they changed.
Odd thing is when you want to alter the shape you just laid down you find you have to click on it again to enable the mods you want.

On the other point mention higher.
You create a shape with the tool provided and it even saves that shape in the Theme section.
So far look great.
Then you get that shape you just created and find it will distort and and doesn't hold your original design.
I could be missing something but I gave up on it.
I create it the shape I want and then go around the image copy/ Lasting it.
Next image that I want to use the same shape I usually just create something similar as it turns out a big time waster looking for the one you previously used.

But as I said I may be missing something simple here.