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I read something that TS was going to overhaul Snagit Stamps, specifically making them searchable.  I just saw the new 2020 version but I did not see if this update made it into this version.  Does anyone know?  Thanks
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Posted 8 months ago

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Hi John,

The stamps are searchable. Have you tried searching and cannot? Or, you don't see what you are searching for?

You search in the box on top of the stamps, here:

Thanks for any more information.

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Doesn't this rely on the stamps being in PDF format? So it may be possible that john has upgraded SnagIt and maybe has a boatload of legacy stamps that aren't in this searchable category?
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Thanks Kelly, that was quick!  Oh this is in 2020?  I assume this is not in my current version 2018.2.4?
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I didn't upgrade yet.  I have common craft stamps (which are pdf) and I also see  other .snagitstamps files, which might be the default stamps (in my 2018 version)
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Stamp search was implemented in 2019.0.0

Sorry, your out of luck.

23 October, 2018: Snagit 2019.0.0

Combine Images

  • Quickly and painlessly explain a series of steps by combining multiple screenshots into a single image.
  • Automatically add step numbers, adjust colors, quickly add a title and captions, and apply an existing color theme to stay on brand with your organization.

Simplify Tool

  • Automatically create simplified versions of your captures that requires fewer updates over time, focuses your viewers’ attention to the most important part, and reduce your localization costs.

When the automatic method doesn’t give you the exact results you need, refine your simplified image with our specialized manual tools. Still enormously speeding up the process. Cutting a multi-hour project down to a few minutes.

Favorite Tool

  • Favorite your most used Quick Styles across tools. Keep your favorite tool styles a single click away. No more unnecessary tool switching.

Stamp Searching

  • Use search terms to quickly find and select the right stamp you need among the vast number of stamps that come with Snagit.

Additional Changes

  • A new single installer for all languages. Simply choose your language at install time or change later in Snagit Editor Preferences.
  • Preview your Snagit files in Windows Explorer. Icons and preview images are now visible when browsing your .snag files in your folders.
  • Performance improvements to Snagit’s startup time.
  • Can now use Smart Move on floating images on the canvas, not just the background image.
  • Improvements to the Autofill algorithm to work better with grids.
  • Improved stability around Smart Move undo
  • Fixed some issues related to using Snagit Editor with tablets and stylus pens.
Resolved numerous other bugs and added other workflow improvements.

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Stamps has to be tagged to be searchable, so it doesn't help that they are pdf. In fact, you may not be able to use them at all because it depends on the original image format that they were in when packed as pdf.
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I have to say that being able to search stamps was a huge leap for Snagit :)

Just to clarify a little bit more. As Joe mentions, Snagit Stamps Search was introduced in Snagit version 2019, and is of course included in the new v2020 as well.

As Kelly shows, you can find the stamps search by going to Stamps in the top bar, then the search field will open at the top of the Stamps in the right-side Properties panel. If you don't see Stamps in the top bar, check under More drop-down.

Stamps you import yourself and stamps from Snagit 2018 and prior will not be searchable, because they have not been tagged. Currently, you cannot tag stamps yourself, but you can still locate them by browsing the stamps catalog the same as in older versions.

Stamps available in "TechSmith assets for Snagit", has been tagged and all of SuperStamps v7 with 7,100 Snagit stamps are also tagged and fully searchable, and can be installed into Snagit 2019 and 2020. SuperStamps can also be installed into all prior versions of Snagit, but prior to 2018, they are not searchable.

You can still import png, jpg etc as stamps in Snagit, but to be searchable they would need to be in pdf format, as Rick mentions.

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So my common craft stamps will not be searchable?
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Not unless they were tagged with keywords. I am not sure exactly how the pdf files hold the keywords, but you can test this by importing it into Snagit 2019 or 2020. Share an image here, and I can test it for you if you like.
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To have your image/stamp be searchable it needs to be tagged with keywords you want it to be associated with.

If you are using a jpg image, simple right_click on the image and go to properties.

Under the Details tab you can add tags in the description area.

The problem with using a jpg image is it doesn't support transparency.
So if you need to have a transparent image a jpg will not work.
Plus jpg's do not scale well.

The better method is to have your image in a PDF.
It will scale better and retain transparency.

I use Office 365 Word (version 1910 as of this writing) to create the PDF.

Insert your image into a blank document.
The image would be a png with transparent background.
I make the image fairly large. You may have to experiment to have the final size
you want.

To add the keyword tags you can do it in a couple of places.

Go to menu File>> Info and add your keyword tags on the right side.

***There is one important option to disable before saving though to retain
image transparency.
More on that further down.

If you don't  add the tags in the way above here is the other way to do it.

Go to File>>Save As

In the Save As window you can add your tags before saving the document as a PDF.
 Before saving, click the Options... button

In the options make sure you Un-Check the accessibility compliant option.
If you do not do this your image will lose the transparency

Click OK and proceed to save the PDF.

Add the jpg or PDF to your Snagit stamps and it should now be searchable
with the keywords you used.