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(This idea comes what what we’ve heard here in this community as well as from other customer feedback methods we utilize. The feedback we gather here will help us gauge how well it fits our users’ needs. Please let us know what you think)

The Problem:

Adding and editing the name of a marker is not intuitive and requires too many clicks.  

Potential Solution:

When adding a marker (by hotkey or by clicking) a user should be able to start typing immediately without any extra clicks
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Posted 3 years ago

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When naming the marker, the text is entirely too small.
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This would be good as an option that users can enable. Users should not be forced to name their marker, however.
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On a Mac, right after naming a marker, if you hit the space bar to continue playback, it removes the marker you just typed and doesn't continue playback.
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While this is a great idea, I would really (really, really) like it if you give us Mac users the ability to mark the video when recording. I would recommend you prioritize giving Mac users the same functionality as PC users first.
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Hello all;

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Status for this Feature Request has changed from "Under Consideration" to "Not Planned" (see here for details on Statuses). In some cases the Status changing may mean that the feature request no longer aligns with the current workflow, that other work such as bug fixes, has taken priority, or that the priority for the feature request has been bumped up.

Please continue to follow the thread as the status may change again and feel free to reply to this thread with any questions.


Edited post to contain what the status was prior to September 29, 2017. It changed from "Under Consideration" to "Not Planned."
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Also put me down for disappointed that this got shot down.
Come now - do the product managers there not use their own product?  Many of us rely very heavily on Markers, and this feature would make a pretty significant difference in overall workflow and productivity.
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I too do not understand why CS9 markers are not being improved; working with them is so much harder and much more time consuming than was the case in CS8

I use markers constantly; many of my projects have hundreds of them

I've articulated a number of CS9 marker issues that I believe should be addressed; if anyone is curious ...

CS9 Usability Issues

either click the "Markers" TOC item, or click the "Markers" button; then click an item button to view a short description of that particular issue
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I hope that TechSmith is watching.
You've outlined a great many items that have real value.  I would give every one of them a vote up.
You are providing them with an extraordinary service by documenting it and explaining each issue so well - not just what you want, but WHY it would be an improvement.
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and thank you very much for chiming in
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I'd like to add my vote. 
I use markers a lot, and having to click in the properties every time is just silly!    I don't mind if you leave the text as a property - but either automatically take me there after I add a marker from the keyboard, or give me a keyboard accelerator to get there!
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Have to say i am disappointed by the change in status of this - having to manually move to the Marker Text box and click into it to add meaningful text totally devalues the use of shortcut keys to add the marker in the first place.

I hope this can be reconsidered once the bug fixes are taken care of.
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This thread appears to have rewritten history - this is not a request for a new feature, it is a request for a reinstatement of a feature which was removed for no apparent reason in a previous "downgrade" of Camtasia functionality for me, as it destroyed my workflow.  The removal of this feature increased the time I need to create useful screen recordings by about 30%, as I use markers extensively, so I am unable to use Camtasia 9 as I don't have an extra 2 days a week.  Using Camtasia I use 2 keys space and M to navigate, in Camtasia 9 I find I spend most of my time removing features I have added by mistake when I have forgetten that this feature has been broken.  Having to enter the text for the marker away from the timeline makes no sense, why repeat a picture of the video when it is already in the centre of the screen.
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Just spotted there was 1 request to remove this functionality followed by 1,
"setting a marker WITHOUT stopping to name it ?" - just hitting return retained the Marker 1 text, as suggested further up this thread this should have been added as a preference to either turn on or off being active to name immediately after insertion.
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This is one of the worst productivity destroyers in Camtasia. Why not fix it?

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Official Response
The Camtasia team is actively working on a solution to remedy this on Windows. It should ship with the next major version of the software. The desired behavior already exists on Mac.

Camtasia Technical Product Manager
Mobile Technical Product Manager
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Official Response
This functionality was added in Camtasia 2019.

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