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I'm considering using the quizzing feature for my flipped math classroom next year.

As I understand, there's no support for mathematical input for quizzes (ie fractions like (x+2)/3 or x^(n+1) or \angle A) I can use special unicode characters to work around some things, but it'd be nice to be able to input mathematical symbols in the quizzes.

It'd be great if pictures could be included in quizzes as well (ie which of these graphs represents y=3x+1?)

That's probably asking a lot for future releases, but it'd certainly make the quizzing feature much more dynamic. I know there are other solutions out there for what I'm doing, but it'd be great if I could integrate this feature into the instructional videos I'm currently producing.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Scott, great suggestion. A few questions, if I may...
1) where are you getting your quiz questions from? Ones you've collected over the years? Borrowed from the publisher? If so, do these questions already exist in digital format?

2) What are you students using to take tests? BYOD? iPads?

3) I'm curious how the common core is or is not affecting your approach to quizzing.

Thanks a bunch for sharing the insights!

- troy
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Dear Troy,

I have been doing a flip class for 3 year now, first in AP
classes, physics and calculus, as well as multivariable calculus, and since
have added pre-calculus, algebra.  I have
written content using Camtasia for the full year of lessons for all 5 courses
(about 500 hours of content).

Also for the last year I have been adopting Common Core
methods for each of the courses although our district at this time is most
concerned with algebra and algebra is the course I currently have the least
Common Core design.

I concur that the “quiz” in Camtasia is quite weak and
although I dabbled with it, for the most part do not use it.  However, I feel that it is important to allow
students to check for understanding during their home presentations and the
need for a seamless integration of video with this check for understanding is
quite important.

Currently we work though WebAssign (although in the past I
worked with Maplesoft) to accomplish this goal, however, it is far from
seamless.  What is needed is a way to
place either a WebAssign flash, or a Maplesoft “Maplet” or Java Applet that
allows for an interactive user experience allowing not just for math text, but
the ability to ask complex math questions in free response format yet, can
still be graded.  As far as I know, neither
of these two companies have a standalone product which would meet this need.

With the latest Time magazine article by MIT president L.
Rafael Reif,,
 I think the movement will grow in the
development of online learning not just at the university level, but also at
the high school level, especially for the delivery of basic content, so that
the F2F content can focus on expansion, innovation, depth of understanding, application
and collaboration.

I believe the F2F experience will require the home
experience to include a seamless integration of video with interactive
templates such as webassign or maplesoft. 
I would like to talk to Camtasia further regarding this,


Bruce Gustin, BA, Mathematics; MA, Education Technology and

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Bruce Gustin

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I just saw the post below mine from Ramon Eixarch from WIRIS.  This looks intriguing and they seem interested in a relation with techsmith.
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So now it is a year old and TechSmith really needs to upgrade their quizzing feature.  This summer I will be in the process of upgrading all my videos to add quizzes.  I find that they are a necessary component of me flip classes and with the addition of a district LMS it becomes possible.  But again, trying to write a question like,

Find lim[x==>1,sqrt(x+1)/(x^2-1)]

is so 20th century.
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I've switched to using this year, I suggest you try it
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all what you need is implemented in WIRIS quizzes.

WIRIS is a suite of tools that are integrated with eLearning tools. We have good integration with Moodle QUizzes module.

Troy, it would be a pleasure t integrate it with TechSmith tools.
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Ramon, did you ever work an integration arrangement with TechSmith?
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Can I put pictures or math symbols in the multiple choice answers on the quizzes?

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Pictures / Symbols in Quizzes.
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It would be great if you could add equations from MathType.
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Sorry it took me a while to respond.

1) I'm creating my quiz questions from scratch as I go, since I'm teaching my curriculum for the first time (IB Standard Level Math 1). Here are some examples of more "dynamic" quiz questions that I've come accross, taken from the PARCC test. It'd be amazing if I could author something like this in Camtasia.

2) My school is launching a 1-1, so everyone will have a laptop. That being said, some will probably use their tablets or phones to do the videos.

3) The common core is having a big impact on my teaching. While I still expect my students to master the skills I teach (e.g. Factor x^2+3x+4, solve for x if x + 2 = 6), also expect them to apply the skills to word problems. I'm trying to move beyond just teaching my students a procedure to memorize and robotically repeat from their short term memory. I'm trying to teach my students explain their reasoning when they solve a problem, and to arrive at their own generalizations about the content I'm teaching them.

Thanks, looking forward to future releases.

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i am with a company that do math videos and we are using camtasia for editing, we will like to request for mathtype or microsoft word insert equation type of features in camtasia. I know mathtype software actually supports camtasia, but i thought it will save user some money if camtasia can talk with mathtype or word to incorporate those math typing functions
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I'm in the process of merging some of our similar requests together into single threads to help us better track them as feature requests. Unfortunately, when threads are merged all the comments are lost. Because there is some good feedback here, I'm going to close this thread for further requests. If you have additional comments our haven't yet voted for this, please visit the thread below and be sure to click the "Me too" button near the top of the page.


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