May 2017 Feature Request Round-Up

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Hello TechSmith Community! It's that time again! Time for the monthly Feature Request Round-Up!

As mentioned last month, we are in the midst of reevaluating the Feature Request Round-Up processes and as we continue moving forward, will be changing and evolving the process to best fit our needs. As the months wear on I will continue to create these Round-Up threads as the ability to look at the past month's Feature Requests in a singular location is quite popular. I would like to direct your attention to a recent Community Update that I posted that contained a response from TechSmith Leadership. The primary focus and purpose of that post is to begin setting expectations surrounding both the Feature Request Process as well as the purpose of this Community as a whole. Inclusion of an idea in a Feature Request Round-Up, or even being the most voted for thread in a given month, is not a guarantee that the idea will be added to a future revision of the TechSmith service or application it applies to. The original intent was to see what ideas resonated most with the user community, and then have a product team member or myself after my monthly meeting with the product team respond to the most popular of threads (this is one of the aspects of the Feature Request Round-Up process that is currently on hold as we revisit the concept as a whole). As mentioned in our Community Update we cannot promise features or provide roadmapping but we do want to continue seeing and hearing feature requests and TechSmith service or application feedback on the Community Forums. Having these conversations here give us the opportunity to reach out and dig deeper into popular requests, hear your concerns regarding existing applications, or provide users with a space that allows other users to offer tips and tricks that we may not have a specific tutorial for.

Without further ado, below you will find the Feature Requests submitted between 15 April, 2017 and 15 May, 2017!

Camtasia (Windows):
Camtasia (Mac): Snagit (Windows) Snagit (Mac) Other

Screencast.comCoach's Eye

Again, thank you for your continued support and remember, if you are experiencing technical difficulties or would like to report a possible bug, please open a ticket.


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Posted 3 years ago

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I'd like to note I have suggested for the Mac Version of Camtasia the Scripted Audio using System Voices. In fact if you go back to original suggestion I was probably the one who made the first suggestion. In fact I am having to use a competing Product to do so now.
I would rather use Camtasia because it so much easier to use and far more annotation feature and far more annotations and animation effects
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Please advise. I am not finding Feature Request Round-ups beyond May 2017.
Thanks for sharing!
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Mobile traffic in most countries at the moment accounts for at least 50% of all traffic if not more!

So with that in mind, I think player themes should be re-introduced.  On standard android and iphone portrait view the smart player controls cover half the video screen.  Interactivity goes out the window, so my suggestion to allow for a more robust and slimmer player, more like YouTube a red or blue line or something, instead of the monstrosity of a player we now have to contend with. Or a choice to choose a mobile smart player and a desktop/tablet smart player.

This is important, cause all the really cool interactive features Camtasia offers at the moment goes out the window on mobile devices; as the smart player covers them all up!  Yes you can hide the player, but when touched it comes back on covering ads, callouts and hotspots.  I feel this is very, very important!

Cheers - B
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Wait, where is timeline nudge?!? I want to use the left / right arrow keys to move the timeline one frame at a time. Where is that? thx!!! 
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I think those changed to the comma and period which, on my keyboard, are also < and > if I hold Shift.
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I keep forgetting! Thx Rick. On my mac, it is the shift < and > and ,.