Missing Annotations Shapes Callouts Arrows & Lines?

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Have you ever opened up Camtasia 9/2018 and noticed all of your Annotations icons are MISSING!!!!

Why does this happen? Camtasia tech support can't tell me. I asked them.  Then I went down to the beach, sacrificed a poor little lobster, and prayed for help to the mighty Poseidon. He bestowed only surf silt up me nose.

So I decided to forgo trying to make something work that apparently isn't, and just see how the wind natures to blow.

You know what?


If you open Camtasia and you get this kind of ugly, take heart and be patient. All may well be well very soon.

For sometimes in life, we must deal with a little ugly. 

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Posted 2 years ago

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Samarn Sumrith

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try to repair by run camtasia installer again. then choose repair.
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LOL, love your description of the wait time!

Also, as a side note, many years ago I was a support worker bee. (for a communications company, not TechSmith)

I'm not suggesting that the TechSmith support folks aren't capable, but I know from years of first hand experience that support experiences can and do vary. So the same problem can be presented to support person A and the support person A may be utterly confused and not be able to help. While support person B (had the caller connected with them) could have yawned and said, Oh yeah, I've seen that before. All you have to do is...

Certainly the Camtasia developers should have a clue as to what's happening with this. Hopefully one of them will see this thread and reply with a suggestion or explanation as to what's happening here.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Joe Morgan

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This happens every time I open Camtasia 9 or 2018 if I have the annotations window open when I launch the editor.
For me, It takes about 10 seconds for the Icons to appear in most cases. I run a hybrid C drive so Camtasia launches slower than a full out SSD would launch the program.

I also run a 2 TB 7200 RPM HD.Which is dirt cheap compared to trying to the same with a SSD.

I can wait 10 or even 30 seconds for these icons to appear.

It takes me about that long to load a project and start editing.

It would be better if they loaded right away.But I don't see it as  a big deal.

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I see that a lot in Camtasia 2018; don't remember it ever occurring in Camtasia 9

my Camtasia 2018 always opens with the media bin tool selected; if I immediately go to the annotations tool, sometimes the callouts UI shows blanks; navigating to another tool, then back to annotations, seems to fix

also, if I let a little time pass between launching [media bin displayed] and navigation to annotations, rarely an issue

I've considered it a refresh problem?
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or probably more like an app load time issue ...

Annotations Panel Display Issue 2018-11-01

very reproducible behavior for me
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Joe Morgan

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Well TROY E,

I removed my previous post. I realized only 1 person has tried to actually help you. The rest of the posts are simply opinions and observations.
Which won't help you at all.

So, Camtasia isn't loading properly for you. That a given. 10 minutes load time is ridiculous.
It takes about 15 seconds to fully load on my system.

It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to a minute tops for anyone. Regardless of the speed of their hard drive. "I'm Guessing" but something along that line.

If a repair install like Samarn Sumrith suggested.

Or a Reinstall doesn't work.

Have you Defraged your hard drive/drives lately?

Cleaned up your disks/disks?

Do you have plenty of extra space on your hard drive?

Have you run a system analyst tool on your computer lately?

Have you run a driver update tool?

Checked to make sure there isn't to many programs running in the background through Task Manger at Start Up?

I'm just throwing some things out there.There no reasonable explanation that Camtasia should take 10 minutes to load.I missed that part of your post.Sorry about that.