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Are you unable, after updating to Mojave or Catalina to record system audio ? And so that we're clear, I don't mean recording an audio source from an external mic or the mac's internal mic. No. This is any sound that an app may make. Like for instance if you're doing a screen capture of say a youtube video and you want to record the audio as well. THAT audio! You know the sh*t that used to just work with previous systems and versions of Camtasia ? Yeah...THAT! 

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This seems to be an OS 10.14 problem. It's not a Camtasia issue. Most, if not all system audio recording apps are having the same isssue. And setting the system security to allow Camtasia or any other app the security to do X isn't working either. This is an Apple Mojave and Catalina issue. Something Apple did when they 'updated' the OS broke what used to work.

Oh and if you're thinking, "Hey I remember something about SoundFlower, that open source thing, that used to work!". Yes, it did. 'Used to' is the key phrase. It doesn't anymore. Some people are reporting that their Mojave/Catalina installs are working with Soundflower and they're able to record system audio. Most are not. I'm in that category. 

I reported this same audio issue to the good folks at TechSmith via email THREE EFFING WEEKS AGO and I STILL HAVEN'T HEARD A WORD FROM THEM!!!!! I even posted it to the forums. ZIP! NADA! NOTHING! 

So in other words, don't hold your effing breath looking for a.) response from TechSmith that solves the problem because it appears that it's a system issue so they're relying on Apple it appears otherwise there'd be a solution by now, no ? and b.) don't expect a response or a solution from apple any time soon. They're too busy counting all the money they just made from their iPhone 11 launch. Lord knows what the eff those people do all effing day long over there. But it's certainly not solving problems like this. 

I know apple will never see this, nor will TechSmith respond in a favorable manner with a solution but gosh it would be nice if Xmas came early! Just sayin'....
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Posted 8 months ago

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I am afraid I can't help you, as I don't experience the same problem. But I made a request on their facebook page ... and lo and behold: They replied! I was like ... wow. It may be a shot in the dark, but why not try there? Sorry for your problems, hope you can resolve it.
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Did you post a question or did you go through messenger ? If you posted a question to this page below, I dont' see it.
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Yes, that is the page. It is quite a while ago, but I did write a post on the page. In it I also commented about the lack of response in this otherwise relatively ok forum, and they for some reason seemed to be surprised about it. I would try to comment both ways, what do you have to lose?

Sorry I am of no more help. B.
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From my perspective, the Apple has fallen from the tree.

IPhone screens in general, are far too small for many applications. Unless you have the eyes of an Eagle and the patience to work for long periods on your phone.

Yet, ever since OS X was first released. There’s been a growing torrent of complaints. It reminds me of the days when Apple users outwardly bashed Windows operating systems. “Deservedly at times”

That being said. I don’t know if the problem is related to Camtasia or not? I’ve submitted many support tickets over the years. I usually receive an initial e-mail from them querying more information relating to the problem. Which leads to follow up e-mails. They tend to send e-mails updating the status of my support ticket within 1 to 10 days or so in most cases.

You could look up the status of your support ticket at

I would check your e-mails Spam folder as well.

Good luck,Joe

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Hey magicmiles, I'm sorry to hear you didn't get a response. I don't know in what way you reported the issue, but if you open a Support case we will definitely get you a response.
Your system audio should, actually, work on both 10.14 and 10.15. Yes, Apple keeps trying to pull the rug out from underneath us and definitely did that with 10.14, however we have addressed the issue and you should be able to get it working.

So, that's why I suggest getting the support case open. We'd be happy to work with you to figure out why your machine is struggling here.
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At work, we've kept to El Capitan, because we've got Camtasia 2 there, which isn't supported by later versions. At home, I'm on Camtasia 3, and I'm SO glad my upgraded 2011 MBP can only go up to High Sierra, because Apple seem to be losing the plot with Mojave & Catalina, just like they have with making later machines unable to upgrade. It's such a shame that what used to be the best computers (in my opinion) now seem to be going downhill.

Good answer from Paul Middlin, Magicmiles, so I'd suggest you take him up on the offer. Sounds like you just had bad luck before, so maybe Christmas will come early after all.
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I've just recently experienced the Catalina / Audacity issue myself, however there was a couple of posts on a work around...
  1. Go to Applications > Utilities
  2. Launch
  3. in the Terminal dialog type the following command following command:
    open /Applications/