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Hello Community,

this bug has been with us since version 6 of Camtasia but I have the feeling that it worsened with the 8.6 update of Camtasia 8.

The bug is quickly described. During some .trec recordings, the mouse cursor will suddenly stop moving and no cursor effects are recorded for the remainder of the recording.

Let me preface this by stating that:

(a) yes, the mouse cursor was visible during recording
(b) yes, the mouse cursor did move during recording
(c) yes, I activated "mouse cursor visible in Camtasia Studio
(d) yes, the mouse cursor is visible in Camtasia Studio and can be decorated with cursor effects, however, from a certain time point on the cursor does no longer move

This happened to me twice during my latest 5 recordings. It is a totally unacceptable bug for multiple reasons:

(i) My screencasts rely on the cursor being visible.
(ii) During recording, there is no indication as to when the bug has occurred
(iii) Techsmith has removed the option to burn-in the cursor with the .trec file
(iv) I can't switch to .avi because only .trec recordings will allow a second webcam stream to be recorded

Please, do not tell me to update to version 9. We have multiple licenses ranging from v6 to v8. There is no way we will update all installations to get rid of a problem that simply should not exist under any circumstances. Having the mouse cursor visible is core functionality of a screen recording program!

So: Is there a way to get my cursor back into the recording and to avoid this bug in the future?

Best wishes
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi there

While I know you won't want to hear this (because you explicitly said so) I'm going to ask if you have tried version 9? I too had the same issues with version 8 and I cannot say I've seen the same issues with version 9.

Yes, the bug shouldn't be there. I totally agree. But we may as well face facts. It is there and the likelihood of TechSmith putting any effort into fixing it for version 8 is likely slim to none. So don't hold your breath.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Tutoren Methodenlehre

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Dear Rick,

thanks so much for taking the time to respond and confirm that version 9 has improved on this specific bug.

There is only slim chance, however, that we will upgrade to version 9. The reason for this is not primarily that the bug ought not be there in the first place. More important to me is the fact that TechSmith seem to have reintroduced this bug with the update from Camtasia 8.0.4 to 8.0.6. At least in my experience, the pre-8.0.6 versions behaved much better in this specific regard.

So, we are absolutely not inclined to reward a company who reintroduces a critical bug right before a paid version upgrade. That is simply unacceptable.

Kind regards, Malte
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I once again agree with Rick.  He must be like real smart!  :D  Techsmith is not likely to work on such a bug in an old version.

Another suggestion and you might not like to hear this since your need for showing the cursor is probably necessary.  In my case I use animated callout to direct the viewers attention to a specific spot.

Again, I can understand cases where a callout is completely inadequate and the cursor is proper. 

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Tutoren Methodenlehre

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I absolutely see Rick's point and wholeheartedly agree: TechSmith is most likely not going to fix this in an older version. However, this does not instill me with a lot of trust and sympathy for a company who decides to completely disregard old customers. We have a total of 10+ Camtasia licenses accumulated in our department over the years. To then find a critical bug reintroduced and not addressed is quite the disappointment.
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Agreed.  Of course, it may not be a bug with Camtasia but rather the operating system, the hardware, drivers, or compatibility with all of the above.  I'm not saying C9 has "fixed" the problem nor am I suggesting an upgrade to C9.  However, C9 may have accidentally corrected the issue by moving the application from 32 bit to 64 bit.
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You might contact their Tech Support and see if there is something they can do for your current issue.  
If you have not done that already.

Also you might call TechSmith and see if they will give you a great deal on Upgrading 10+ computers to Camtasia 9 since you must be a loyal customer with that many users.
It never hurts to politely ask to see what they may be willing to do for you.
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This issue of the mouse not being recorded, still exist in Version 9.
I have the Subscription version, and 4 of my last 15 video's, have had sporadic none-mouse movement.
In previous versions, it would at times, not record the mouse throughout the entire session.
However, in version 9, it is a sporadic none-movement.
It depends on what windows I am in, within the recorder.

So, this issue is a lot better, but STILL exist.