Move clip between tracks, preserving time position

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Is there any quick way in Camtasia to move a clip from one track to another while keeping it at exactly the same point in time? In other words, visually move the clip up or down without  it going at all left or right. If I just click and drag it up or down, it's inevitable that I'll accidentally drag it very slightly sideways just because you can't control your hand that accurately.

I know I can move a clip straight up or down by moving the playhead to one end of the clip and then relying on the snap-into-position feature to keep the clip aligned with the playhead as I drag it to a different track, but that's quite fiddly - and doesn't always work very well if there are lots of other things near the same timestamp that Camtasia might be tempted to try and snap the clip (or the playhead) to.  Moving clips between tracks is something I do a lot (usually to reduce the number of tracks I'm using), so it'd be nice if there was a quicker way of doing that.

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Posted 7 months ago

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I typically insert a temporary piece of media that aligns with the start point of the clip. Usually a callout.

Then use the snapping alignment guide to keep the clip I'm moving at the right position. Then I'll later delete the temporary callout I inserted.
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Thank Rick. Neat idea. Unfortunately that sounds slightly more work than my current approach. You're basically creating a temporary piece of media to do the same thing that I'm using the playhead for. 

I guess that means that the real answer to my question is that, no there isn't a quick way to move media purely vertically between tracks. So it's perhaps something I should raise as a suggestion that ought to be added to Camtasia. :-)
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Theres a second approach as well,
if you could assign keyboard shortcuts to the feature. It might be worthy of using.
As is, it requires far to many clicks to be considered streamlined.

When media is selected on the timeline, and visible in the canvas area. Current playhead location won't matter.

In this image I've select the star callout, right clicking it gives you the option to move it backward in a stack. "To a lower track" Or you could send it to the bottom of the stack if desired.
I'm preparing to send it one track downward.

With the object moved downward, you now have the option to move it in both directions, up or down.

Still not a streamlined approach.
If you could hit Ctrl + B for backward or Ctrl + F for forward. You could do this pretty quickly.