Move .snag to .snagproj so I can move temp files from pc to mac

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I moved from a PC to a Mac. when I did I lost access to my entire library :(. Turns out you can pull all of the .snag files over, but Mac Snagit can't read them.

It's be nice to have a utility that would convert all of these and me not have to go back and save all of the files one-by-one to PNG (thus making them flat).
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Posted 2 years ago

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That has been an ongoing issue. I don't know of a way to bring them over and preserve the layers. You can do a batch export yo PNG but they will be flattened
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The trouble is that while a few of us nerds like the idea, there are too few of us to get it on the radar.

It was raised here and here

And it would be even less of a problem and even more flexible if they both wrote to a tif file in the same way (and a standard way) so that those that wanted to could use other editors and maybe even layers?
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It odd that a company like Microsoft has three file types (xlsx, docx, pptx or ppsx) that can be read by both Mac and PC.  And Apple's on iWorks group capable reading and writing to  Microsoft  Applications. Yet TechSmith can't get two versions of Camtasia to Talk to each, so sad. Look like they could settle on Mp4 or that new system everyone is going switch to Heif and Heiv (or Hev) Supposed to be a lossless equivent to jpeg supposed be twice as detailed and half the physical size.
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I think this is a very good idea. As others have pointed out creative people have their own preferences on tools and this would make collaboration a lot easier.
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I am transitioning my work laptop from Windows to Mac and I'm faced with a significant issue because of this. Hundreds of snag files in Windows will not be useful in Mac without starting over from scratch because loose all the layering. This is a big problem, not a niche issue. Teams that need to collaborate on the same file cannot do so unless the entire team is on one OS or the other, and in my company it's split down the middle. Then there are people like me who have both systems, and others who need to transition. If Windows / Mac crossover issues were that niche then Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and other companies would not have addressed it. Snagit, out of all products and companies I have ever used, stands out as the only one who has not made their files cross-compatible. And they've had plenty of time to do it. Even smaller products like Mobirise saw the need to make their files compatible across both platforms, so I don't buy into the size of Techsmith either. This is merely a choice of priorities in their leadership, nothing more. It is a problem that can be solved and would've been solved if given priority and cycle time. It is the #1 caveat I warn people about who are thinking of adapting Snagit, and it has turned away potential buyers of the Snagit product. 
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Sadly, I have been enjoying it on TechSmith on my teams' MACs. the lack of conversion, if not interoperability, means I need to go in a different direction for everyone.
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I am disappointed too this is not possible to move my PC SnagIt files to Mac. I moved them to the Mac for cryogenic storage and hope one day there will be technology to unfreeze and reanimate them into my Mac version of SnagIt.