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How do I move a Camtasia project from Camtasia for Mac to Camtasia for PC? I want to transfer all the markers and anything else that was set up on the Mac timeline. I fully realise I can export an MP4 video and then reapply the markers in Camtasia for PC but of course I wouldn't want to be doing that as it is time intensive.

There is a very good reason for doing this. We have a website that streams/plays our Camtasias (made on the PC). Unfortunately, Camtasia for Mac exports do not have the same file structure and use a sub-folder, so our website cannot see the files correctly. Therefore any Camtasia for Mac projects I am given have to be re-made on the PC software.
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at this point Camtasia:Mac and Camtasia Studio projects are not compatible. It's a feature we get a lot of requests for, and we're looking into it. But until then, the mp4 export workaround is about all you can do.

I'm sorry for how annoying that process must be.

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Wow, this exact problem just bit me, too! Hey, Techsmith--find a solution! The entire world is cross platform now, or heading directly that way!
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I agree. Not happy about it. In fact, I'm finding Camtasia useless now.
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Seriously, I can't believe this STILL isn't solved.  My clients are on PCs but I'm on a Mac and I can't help them with their videos.  Maddening and back-asswards...
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How do you move camtasia projects from PC's where they were started to my Mac that I am transitioning to. I have Camtasia for Mac. I was working on Camtasia for PC and have many files in that format.

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I have to say I understand the technical challenges are there. Owning both Camtasia 8 for Windows and Camtasia 2 for the Mac (as well as Screencast, SnagIt, and Jing Pro), I was looking at the import/export features to see if this was possible. Sadly, only Camtasia 8 on Windows has true import/export features.

I understand the file formatting issues due to the OS differences and how it probably isn't TechSmith's fault, but I don't see how it could be so difficult to use a custom or proprietary format for the export/import between the two versions of Camtasia. I would say most customers aren't wanting to export to other programs (competitor or otherwise) and really only need this because, like myself, they find they need to support the increased demand of multiple operating systems and have a preferred OS they like to work on which may differ from customers, partners, or co-workers.

In my case, I prefer Mac but have coworkers who use Camtasia on Windows. Since I'm the "expert" it means I need to keep a Windows system around. In my case, a virtual Windows system (I'm not buying hardware just for this). But this also presents issues...which I don't need to go into.

Anyways, just hoping my added voice on the topic will help fuel the fire and desire to create the functionality.
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Am I to infer by your comment above that it's possible to import a Camtasia 2 project on Mac TO Camtasia 8 on Windows?

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