MP3 Output - When will Camtasia Make that Available?

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I would like to see Camtasia add the ability to output an audio file as an MP3. This is a serious miss in my opinion as I have to take the MP4 and convert it into an MP3 using another program. It is very tiring and every week the same hassle. Will you be adding that ability in the near future and if not, can you share why not?
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Posted 8 months ago

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MP3 output was in a previous version but they took it out. Stating something about licensing problems. Many of us would like to be able to export MP3.
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mp3 was dropped as of Camtasia 9 and part of the reason was licensing.

Since a license is supposedly not required anymore Techsmith may bring it back but there has been no word on it happening.


I noticed in another post that your need for mp3 was because of podcasting ?

Are you doing video podcasts or just audio podcasts?

If they are video podcasts (mp4) they should work for podcasts as the audio is AAC but do understand that it may be a issue of some podcast hosts.

If/till Techsmith possibly brings mp3 back you could download Camtasia 8 which still had mp3 as a option.
and use it.

Your Camtasia 9 or 2018 license key will work for it and you can have it installed along with your newer version.

It your podcasts are audio only I would then have to ask... Why are you recording them with Camtasia instead of a audio program like Audacity (which has mp3 as a output)?  The output quality and editing options far exceed what you can get or do with Camtasia.

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You might be thinking of a post I left long ago about using Camtasia 8.6 for a podcast series.
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Welcome to my world.  I have not updated since v8.6 because I needed the MP3 output capability for a project involving a podcast.  In order to retain accurate records, I work with MP4 files that have a visual timecode stamp on them.  Although the final program output is MP3, we need to be able to refer back to earlier interview recordings and find clips that we need, so the code (although not embedded in the MP4) is necessary for indexing and review purposes.

All of that said, the loss of MP3 was not entirely due to licensing issues; Camtasia supported MP3 for a long time.  My understanding (from someone at Camtasia) was that this arose more from a combination of factors, including a declining interest in the format among many users, coupled with a desire to focus on making the program a more robust video editor.  The latter goal is still not in sight, as Camtasia's audio editing capabilities are not yet ready for prime time and its options for different inputs and outputs are not exhaustive.

All of that being said, I often turn to Camtasia as a go-to program for simplicity and ease of editing.  It also has an uncluttered interface (even though you can't tailor it very much).  And v8.6 is miles above the earlier versions (I've used it since around version 2, I think).
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I am not updating unless it's re-instated, we need a codec that adobe or major apps  can use without plug ins.  Ok I am going back to 8.6 then