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This would be a unique capture type. It would capture an image but capture a lot of the elements on the screen to individual layers. Picture an internet browser, icons on the desktop, and the background all being discrete layers in your capture. This would mean you would be able to move, delete, or resize any of those. An example would be if you want to remove the desktop icons and replace the background. You could simple click on them and delete them and drag a new background image and the internet browser window would still look great.

It’s less useful if Smart Move works well for you today.

This is far easier to implement on Mac, so it might be a Mac specific feature until we figure out a way to do it on Windows.
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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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Posted 2 years ago

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I don't understand either what this is supposed to achieve, or how it is supposed to work. But, then again, I am not a Macperson.
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Hmmm, so if it were implemented, would it perhaps make it easy to do what I've noticed a lot of lately?

Perhaps a picture of two men in front of a building. And the two men would be one layer and the background of the building a second layer? Then later you could perhaps animate the two men so they grow or move in relationship to the building? (probably using Camtasia).

I've seen this technique a fair amount in the last couple of years. Usually with a still photograph.
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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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That's one possibility, yeah. But we also don't export images as layers to Camtasia. But it would be something to consider with this feature.
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This would be absolutely awesome! It would save an incredible amount of time in completing screen captures.
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Agree. Nothing fancy, but currently if I'm trying to combine + resize and/or edit two or more images, it's a pretty clumsy process. I do love that the canvas automatically resizes though!

Maybe this belongs in the other layers conversation though.
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I love the ability that some programs have to do this on Mac. So handy if you find an element in the wrong place (cursor, folder etc) once you have taken the capture. It would work exceptionally well if you could expose the elements as objects in a layers panel...
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I think this would be a cool addition. I believe what you are describing is something that another app, the Acorn image editor already does. It can take a full screen screenshot and capture every item on the screen as a separate layer. The resulting screenshot is made up of layers of all the windows etc. open on the screen. I think that would be a great feature for Snagit.
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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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This Idea didn’t get enough votes to be under consideration for a release in the next year or so. But remember that Smart Move solves this problem too. On both Mac and Windows. And we’ll continue to make that experience better based on your feedback. We are marking this one as Not Planned for the time being. At this point, there are a lot of other things things we’ll be focusing on first. Definitely bring this up again when we do our next round of voting if you still see a need!

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