Multiple display screen capture issues

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When multiple displays are connected with different resolutions and when you select capture, it shows weird selection area. please resolve this,
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi there

You likely need to provide more detailed information. Just saying something is "weird" is open to all sorts of vague interpretation.

Can you articulate exactly how it is weird? Is it possible to obtain a screen shot to demonstrate?

Cheers... Rick :)
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My bad:) I thought someone might have faced this before. I have three displays 
1. Laptop_1920x1080: on this I have this thread 
2. LCD_TV_1920x1080: on this I have google home page
3. Samsung_3840x2160: on this I have Wikipedia home page

Now when I click on the capture all three displays are turned into 1 display which is partially visible on each screens, may b attached images can help you to understand the issue. Clearly it not showing the first display in any of the screen whereas the second and third displays are trimmed on each screen.

These screen grabs are taken from corner to corner instead of what jing auto selects.
Display 1:
Display 2:
Display 3:
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This is a guess on my part but I'm thinking it's the 4K monitor that Jing can't handle.
Here's my 2560 x 1440 monitor followed by two 1920 x 1080 monitors. I captured them without issue.

Jing is what it is.
A functioning but  antiquated free software. It's copyright runs 2007 through  2012.
4K integration was not that important in 2012. I seriously doubt Jing has the hardware under the hood to handle the display.

SnagIt's wouldn't display correctly on 4K monitors until long after 2012. I'm don't remember when they fixed all that but it took a while.Jing can't record video in4K and still records in swf which is ultra antiquated. Although, if you send it to Camtasia 8. It converts it to an avi so you can edit it.
Anyway, Sounds like you enjoyed the Jing free ride as about as far as it's going to take you in all likelihood.Might be time to think about sticking a pry-bar in the old billfold and getting SnagIt? I'm just kidding around here. But Jing isn't going to improve with age. That's for sure.

Try temporarily reducing the resolution of the 4K monitor to 1920 x 1080. See if you can capture all monitors without issue.If you can, the 4K monitor is the problem. 

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I have this same issue.  Is there a solution?
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This same issue started occurring when I updated my Surface Pro laptop recently.

I managed to resolve it by going to Display Settings > scrolling down to Scale and Layout > then adjusting the magnification from 150% (which is recommended) back to 100%.

This has made the layout on my laptop screen tiny, but Snagit now works as it should.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the  solution to change the magnification on the screen. this solved the issue for me except now my primary laptop monitor is near useless b/c everything is so small. 
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Having similiar issue since I updated several months ago, running 3 monitors, 2 extended to the right and left of main.  when I run snagit, it condenses all 3 screens to the main and I can only snag off the main screen and when you click to snag, it only snags what is displayed on the main screen. prior to updating to version 2019.1.3 build 3847.  everything worked.
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I have the same issue. Me as a programmer was writing a software that captures the screen and not only Snagit, my screen captures has the same issue as well. I think If Microsoft gives a solution to get the correct width and height of the magnified screen, then things could work better. 

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I was able to fix this by having the same Zoom % in Display Settings>Sacle and Layout.
One monitor was 100% and the other one was 125%.
As my smaller (laptop) monitor was 125%, I changed the other monitor to 125% and now it is working well.