multiple quizzes with different learner groups in one project

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Is it possible to have one Camtasia project with 2 different 'roadmaps' depending on the learner's role in our company - they click a hotspot to take them to the marker of the video pertinent to their job/role (I've already done this and it works well! "Click her if you are a provider"  "Click here if you are a medical assistant") with a different quiz at the end of each section (I have not done this successfully yet) so some learners will not complete some quizzes, etc.  I'm wondering if this will navigate properly and if they will get the proper credit (this part is probably a question more for our LMS helpdesk).

Sorry if this is all over the place!

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi there

I might think that's going to be a bit difficult. As you have already advised, certainly, it's possible to have a single long video with perhaps some navigation at the beginning in the form of clickable hotspots that would direct the user to either continue playing the video or to a point farther down the track.

I might think that your problems will ensue when it comes to the actual scoring and the SCORM protocol.

I stand to be corrected on this, but It's my understanding that the single video will be a single SCORM object. And what you will end up with is the scoring for the video overall. Sure, Camtasia seems to allow you to add as many quizzes as you want inside that video. But there is no way to control points assignment or anything for each of the quizzes and the questions. At least, there isn't as far as I'm aware.

I might think you would be better off to perhaps have three different videos.

1. A short navigator video that has the two choices that open the other videos.
2. Video for the Medical assistant
3. Video for the other role (I'm not sure you said what that role is)

And in thinking about what I believe is the way LMS' work, I might think it would be TWO videos. And the LMS admin would simply assign the proper video based on the LMS user. 

From what I understand, the LMS needs to serve the proper content so the scoring can be maintained and recorded. At the moment it serves the content, it engages in a conversation between the content (in this case, a Camtasia video) and the LMS. Once the video is complete, the conversation ends and the SCORM protocol ships the scoring results back to the LMS.

If I were in your shoes, I'd likely do some testing by creating a very short video with two quizzes in it. Publish that video out as a SCORM package and load it up into the LMS. Then interact with the LMS as if you were the end user. Watch the video and complete the quizzes and see what the results are once you are finished.

You might want to bounce that off your LMS admin to be certain.

Cheers... Rick :)