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It would be very useful if Camtasia Studio allowed for multiple closed captioning tracks (e.g. English, Spanish, Mandarin, etc) and a method for users to export their finalised main CC transcript (English), have it translated caption-by-caption and then reimport the additional CC tracks in a way that syncs with the main captions (e.g. a particular 4 second portion of video would have parallel captions that can be toggled between say English and Mandarin).
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hi there, I'm interested on knowing how you are handle multilanguaje videos. I mean one video with multiple audit or caption languajes. Thanks in advance!

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Multilanguajes videos.
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Camtasia Studio Multiple Language Closed Caption Support.

Is there a way to create multiple languages with the Closed Captioning option? For example, if I create a video and have the text transcribed for English, Spanish and French can I have all three subtitles live in one video or do I have to create three separate versions? This has been asked a couple of times over the last year but no responses. Thanks in advance!
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you need to create separate videos; but, depending how long the videos are, they could be in the same production and you could use hotspots to offer the specific language option to viewers
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It's non sense your answer...kayakman...

Your solution multiplies the size of the video production by the number s of languages desired!

Natasha is talking about multi-captions in the same video, like this example:

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Natasha asked if it can be done; it cannot in the current Camtasia Studio

So I've suggested the only workaround that I know of; 3 separate videos or 3 language segment sections in the same video

of course, you could always put each language on one of the 3 lines that each caption can have; that will only require 1 video; but the captions would look crowded
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I cant use custom players for lots of obvious reasons... but, if Cam could generate an MKV like wrapper for a universal player for a browser (or your own plug in) I would breathe awesomeness in your direction. We are just trying divide the number of archived/library video from 7,000+ by a factor of 20 or. 350 is manageable. Thanks for the honest answers, Cam! (That's Mr. Camtasia, I am sure.)
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Shut captioning and subtitling are both procedures of showing written text on a tv, movie display, or other visible show to offer extra or interpretive details. Both are basically the same and generally used as a interpretation of the audioportion of a system as it happens (either unchanged or in modified form), sometimes such as explanations of non-speech components. Other uses have been to offer a textual substitute terminology interpretation of a presentation's main sound terminology which is usually burned-in to it clip and not selectable

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