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I bought Camtasia 2019 myself. Can I use Camtasia to make videos for my company and use the packaged music as background music? The videos will be posted on YouTube under my company's name, not mine. Is this OK?
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Joe Morgan

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I'm no lawyer and this is strictly my opinion.
If you were to sell a video using Camtasia/content.That's Okay.

If the person you sold the video to.Markets the video for profit. "Monetizing ads associated with it"
To me, their not licensed to do so.
If they don't sell the video or profit from it.I don't see a problem.

You should probably contact support for a definitive answer.

This is a Free Service............... Submit a ticket

Or call, >>>

 Toll Free: 800.517.3001 (U.S. & Canada Only)

8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST Monday through Friday

You Tube has been known to flag Camtasia's music as copyrighted material. 

Your company can't show their licensed to use it on their channel. They aren't.

This could create a headache for all concerned. I think the situation could be resolved.

If it were me, I probably wouldn't use the content. 

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Paul Middlin, Employee

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Based on your description, yes, you can do this. Even if you do sell your videos for profit, this OK. You just couldn't essentially resell the assets themselves for profit.

While YouTube does sometimes incorrectly flag our assets as copyrighted (because technically they are copyrighted; you just have rights to use them as a subscriber), we can usually resolve htis quite quickly.

I do agree with Joe that it's a little legally-vague if your company does not own the license for Camtasia/Assets, but you *personally*.
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Joe Morgan

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So are you saying definitively the Company could legally profit "By Proxy" so to speak?

I don't understand how a non licensed entity could...........
Commercially sell a million  videos using content they have no rights to. Or even 1 for that matter.

If thats the case, and its the companies You Tube account.How could they resolve You Tube conflicts? Permission by proxy? 
You-Tube flags this content whether its monetized or not.
Its happened to me.
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Paul Middlin, Employee

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indeed; to that end, Mr. or Ms. 284439812, I'd recommend consulting your own company's legal team as to whether your company believes it is a licensed owner of TechSmith Assets for Camtasia.
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As someone that has developed RFM (royalty-free music), which is what the music clips that come with Camtasia are, I can confirm that when a RFM piece is sold by the author/publisher, it is for a flat fee, and no royalties are ever owed by the purchaser/subscriber.

Now, having said that, there can be varied wording and clauses in any licensing agreement, and I suspect that the developers of the music that Camtasia includes agreed to a licensing arrangement that Techsmith could, or has, made available.

So, if it is available, I’d certainly read it if I wanted to understand my rights to using said music in a video published for public consumption.

Last, if someone “steals” your video, and the music therein, it is on them, not you, I should think.

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Rick Stone

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I've done work for Adobe before where my product (which consisted partly of other products such as images) were obtained elsewhere. Even though I contacted all parties involved and explained what I was doing and had a written "OK" from all parties involved, Adobe was still reluctant to use the images.

I might imagine the same could hold true in this case.

I might suggest looking at the music available via YouTube. They offer a whole library of music that is "safe" to freely use in your videos.

Happy Friday! Rick :)