My Camtasia Christmas wish list

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I wouldn’t say I’ve been good this year...but I definitely haven’t been bad, in my
humble opinion. And I know some of these probably wouldn’t be available until
at least 2021 but it never hurts to ask!    

Here are some simple features I would love to see in a future Camtasia release. If some of these already exist and have been in hiding, I’d love to know!

Top 5:

  1. A favorite features menu that I could, for example, have multiple features from all categories available. (e.g., fade transition, custom animation, bold text box annotation, spotlight, audio fade in/out, etc.). This could go at the top of the left menu list or maybe even make it detachable or allow for its placement above or below the canvas. 
  2. Allow for multiple focus regions when using spotlight function (i.e., two non-blacked out boxes instead of just one). I would LOVE this. Also, allow user to change color of darkened region. Spotlight is my favorite--more options would make me very happy! 
  3. Allow for a circles, arrows and other shapes for spotlights, blurs, highlights, etc.
  4. As always, bring back my bulleted/numbered lists lol
  5. Also as always, ability to toggle off auto-resizing for text boxes or the fonts within those boxes. I never want my design application to change my shapes or font size without my consent. Never.
  • Detachable timeline.
  • Color coding of timeline tracks. 
  • Let user create favorite fonts list. I have 5,000 fonts installed on my computer. 95 percent of the time, I’m using one of about a dozen fonts (#futurafanboy #wesanderson2020). It would be great to be able to have a condensed list of my favorites. 
  • Allow for the direct input of levels for audio points. Having to drag it to the percentage I want is a pain as it skips over a lot of numbers.
  • Let user directly edit duration of transitions in properties menu in a manner similar to the properties for behaviors, and let them select and change timings for multiple transitions at once. Dragging the timing for transitions is kind of a pain when you want them to all be a precise length but may have a few different categories of lengths for a single project. 
  • Polygon drawing tool so user can select the number of sides they want. Also, the same thing but for star shapes.
  • Make it easier change the stroke style on shapes (i.e., quickly change between rounded or sharp corners without having to draw new shape).
  • Allow for the import of SVG or AI files so image quality doesn’t change when the size changes during zooming and other animations.  
  • More compatibility with .MOV codecs. I’ve still never managed to successfully import a .mov with an alpha channel and the gigantic RGB+Alpha AVIs After Effects churns out create sooo much lag.
  • Include all options for a selected font in the secondary dropdown menu. For example, I select Helvetica in the font menu and below, I'd like to be able to select from any of the 50 options for that font family (bold, oblique, condensed, medium, heavy, light, etc.).
  • Allow user to type in text for text boxes or multiple objects grouped together in the property menu and then apply the change. This would be helpful when building templates that less-experienced users will use. I know assets that come with Camtasia 2019 allow for this and if there's a way to create my own assets with this ability, I'd very much like to know!

Thank you, Techsmith, for politely tolerating needy users such as myself--and have a happy holiday season. 
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Posted 3 months ago

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Such a nice list. Well thought out.
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Rick Stone

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I'm shocked at one major thing that seems to be absent from the top five!

Make it easier to grab the edge of media! Something changed between version 8 and version 9 (and it continues beyond 9) where it's maddening to "find" and "lock onto" the edge of media!
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I've noticed that too. Or when you have a lot of objects on your timeline, there's a serious delay and the clip ends up in the completely wrong position. Sigh. 
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Another wish: Ability to toggle canvas preview quality. This would help reduce lag if you could choose to drop preview quality to 25 or 50 percent. 
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It will be interesting to see how long this threads wish list grows. LOL