My camtasia videos almost always stall on screencast and even locally

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My videos seem to almost always stall here and even locally on my laptop after compiling them. I upload them to YouTube and there is NO stalling there. Although I do like how things work here I cant really continue to just put up with the stalling.

I have reported it a few times and you guys always tell me to turn down the quality of the video, which I have done, but unless I use handbrake to do it, the video still stalls locally and on my screencast account.

The only thing I can think of is, it is the player that you are attaching to the video. Because when I use handbrake, the local view STOPS stalling.

I will give you guys another chance to help with this, but eventually I will have no choice but to change where I house my videos if I cant get the videos to stop stalling.

Please advise.

Michael Blair
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Posted 9 months ago

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Anything you upload to YouTube is compressed into an mp4 automatically.

An experiment:
  1. Download the video that you uploaded to You Tube. 
  2. Note the difference in the file from the original. Bigger? Smaller?
  3. Then upload You Tube's version of your video to your Screencast account.
  4. If it plays smoothly then it's probably a video export setting setting.
  5. If it still stalls then it's a Screencast play back issue or file is too big.

So basically you'd be using You Tube as a resource to compress your video. 
I have never used Handbrake...

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Just a wild thought, but how much memory do you have in your laptop?
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Hi Michael,

The stalling you experience is likely that the bitrate is too high to play smoothly. If it doesn't play well on your own machine it is very unlikely that it will play well on the web. You're best option is to try to lower the quality settings in Camtasia to try and eliminate the stuttering. does not re-encode your videos, which means the video you upload to us will be the exact same quality and bitrate that users see when they watch it. That does come with some drawbacks, however. As you have noted any areas of high bitrate will result in stuttering, and if it is bad enough it will even happen on your local machine.

The two examples you have noted (YouTube and Handbrake) are both re-encoding your video. That means that they will attempt to smooth out any extreme spikes in bitrate, but that usually comes at a cost of quality. Think of re-encoding like the computer trying to do its best approximation of your video while trying to save as much space as possible.

If there isn't any combination of settings that you can apply in Camtasia to resolve the issue then your best bet is to use Handbrake prior to uploading to However, I would be very surprised if the settings in Camtasia are unable to reduce the bitrate enough.

Based on your post it sounds like you've already talked with our support staff, but if you need guidance on exploring your options in Camtasia don't hesitate to submit a ticket:

- Paul
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perhaps try this ...

make custom production; on video settings tab set encoding mode to bit rate at 4000 or less

does that help?

I've experienced what you describe with large dimension videos that have high motion content and/or a lot of different colors in the frames