My First Camtasia Video

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Hello, I've created my first tutorial video. Please have a look.

I would love any advice or suggestions... I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for showing video's so please let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree : )
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Posted 5 months ago

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Rick Stone

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Hi there

Nice video and you did well!

Just a couple of suggestions from me. (I'd be very surprised if there weren't other suggestions from others)

The audio seems as if you used a stereo mic and you were moving your head around a bit. It seems that at times I'm hearing your voice as if you drifted slightly left and at other times it slowly drifts slightly right.

In Camtasia, there's usually an option to Mix to Mono. I'm thinking that may solve this. I know it exists on the Windows version but I see you have tagged Mac for this post. So you might look to see if this exists for Mac, if that's what you are using.

As far as content goes, you might want to initially briefly describe exactly what "Ableton Live" is or does.

Where you are describing what the first four videos are, you might want to consider inserting smaller video segments showing these videos playing in a smaller view below that bullet text as you are talking. If you have already recorded them. ;)

If you are planning on uploading this and all these to YouTube for permanent access, you would do well to state that a link is in the comments below for web sites you mention. Then actually put a link in the description or comments.

Cheers! Rick :)
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Great job! I agree with Rick’s comments. First, here is what you nailed:

Clear and concise.
Easy to read text.
No rambling on about superfluous topics.
Leave content out of the bottom thirds to support accessibility (clouded captions).

A few suggestions:
Explain this is a slides-only deck. I was waiting for you show the screen.

When doing a slides-only video, add an image or video. For example when you say you will be using Ableton Live, fade in a video of you doing something in the product (anything) . That makes for a more interactive video.

Explain who you are and why people should watch your videos. Like: “As a music producer, I have been using Ableton live for more than ten years to create some great music... now I want to show you how...”

It’s music software, so I feel you should play some music somewhere. Maybe say something like “in this training series, you will make this track” and play it. Think of ways to add music really early in.

Finally, I know it feels weird to do this, but make sure you ask people to subscribe, comment and like the video. It gets you better search results and ultimately gives you the option to monetize your site as well.

Finally, it does sound a little like you are yelling. I don’t think you are, but you clearly have a strong voice. Maybe bring it down a few percentages.

Good luck!
P.s. I wrote this on my phone so sorry about any grammatical errors :)