My videos end up being pitch black after rendering, what can i do?

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I'm a Camtasia 3 first time user, so far I'm just playing around with it to get accustomed to the features. Unfortunately, when I select share and then local file, it can take up to 2 hours to save it as a MP4 file(the videos are about 30-40 mins long). On top of waiting this long to get it produced, the video ends up being pitch black, no image whatsoever! The sound is fine but there's no image in the video at all.
To give you more information, so far, I'm using up to 3 tracks.
The first being the video that i stretched around and put on mute and blurred to give so "halo" effect to my project.
The second one is the video itself with no effects added.
And the third is either the blur annotation or the black square
I also trimmed some sequences in the beginning and some in the middle.

That's pretty much it. After doing all this, i then click on share and local file like I have stated above but it keeps failing. What can I do?

Thanks in advance
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Save it to your desktop. And try cutting some of the clips off and produce the first half. Then paste the other part. You may have made to many cuts
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Catch up,

Try this: create a video that's 10 seconds long, using your same source clips. Just use 10 seconds. Then you can render a video in just a few seconds to try to figure out what's going on. 

You wrote: "And the third is either the blur annotation or the black square"

If that is the top (uppermost) track in your timeline, then the black square will be all that you see in the final video.

If you can't get a 10-second clip to render properly, try taking a screen shot of your timeline and uploading it with your reply, so we can see what you see, like this:

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thank you so much for this!! it partially helped me.

i followed your instructions and i noticed that i had empty tracks at the top that were making my videos black.

after making sure that there was no empty tracks, i successfully rendered a 2 mins video and a 10 mins from the same source clips (one is an actual video, the second one is an animated background). But now as soon as i want to produce a video that is longer than 10 mins, the final video after rendering goes black again. I'm not really sure this happens. I kept it very simple, no transitions, no blur effect. just a video and an animated background, thats all.

thanks for your help
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The challenges described involve basic operations on the Camtasia timeline. Nothing actually "goes black." Either there is a black object, or the canvas is black and there is nothing else on the timeline AND inside the viewable area of the canvas. What is on your timeline at 12:00 minutes where the final video is black? How long are your video and animated background source clips? Longer than 10 minutes? Camtasia cannot make a 15 minute video from 10-minute source clips, unless you add material or repeat material. 

Try changing your canvas to green. If you render a movie and it is green where you do not expect it to be green, then you have nothing on the canvas at that time.

Many of these issues are covered in-depth in the excellent video tutorials, available in the Help menu. Happy videomaking!
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We have seen this issue on machines running 10.10.  We have not figured out what  the real problem is, but one work around is to quit other apps before exporting, especially resource intensive apps.  
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Thank you for this! mine is indeed a 10.10.5! I followed your advice and I've noticed that I literally have to close everything and leave my laptop idle to be able to export properly. I'm happy to finally produce my videos, however it's a bit of a pain not being able to even go on safari or spotify while rendering.
If you find a permanent solution, please let me know!

many thanks