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The new program is great in most things. Much better than before. But as the customer with some habits I am frustrated about some new things. There are some changes – if small file is their result, than OK, if not, a lot of options were better before (for me at last)
1. Undo and redo button. There are very very rare programs that do not have icons for this. If someone is editing and using a mouse mostly (and all your tutorials show us using program with mouse!), the icon/button is the best solution. Can you tell me the reasons for deleting Undo/Redo buttons?
2. Markers are too big or are not visible. Before it was easy: you could see where the markers are and if you needed you could quickly see the name of the marker. Can you tell me the reason of such big change in seeing the markers?

So, why the markers so big and robust and two little buttons vanished – this is contradictory.

3. I liked the Camtasia over other similar programs because of possibility of having Table of contents. Now there is only hidden one. You know how difficult it is to tell customers how to use your product – and there is the same: I am making movies for children and the Tables of content were fantastic because they could go back and see only one part over and over again. But now – where and how many times to tell them that they have a possibility to open Table of contents? At the beginning of each movie?

If you look at your tutorials, they are good but also very annoying. If I want to see a specific part of the video, I have to start again and wait for the part I want to see. So, why do you have the possibility of Table of contents if even your tutorials do not use it? And why there is no option as before: to show all the time or hide.

4. Regarding Table of contents and Quiz: are only English speaking people using your program? Is there a possibility to add at least basic option of translating?

5. When exporting with table of contents, why I cannot customize the Title of contents? Now it takes the working Title and this is inconvenient. Besides that, I use fonts your program doesn’t want to accept. If I use those fonts, the video does not open in browser (when already put on web).
6. Help files and tutorials: both are insufficient. I am trying to find, for instance, how to USE Themes and Titles, but there is no help topics. Or:
Where can I customize my background color? If I try to find in index – there is no way. I try to find all over the whole help files and lost a lot of time and still did not find the solution.

7. If I use Transparent controller, I am not able to save my editing as a preset for using in future. All customizing is funny. Sometimes I can set the Table of contents and sometimes not. Is there some tutorial about that?
This is very very disagreeable. Each time I got something else (if I want to have it my way).
8. I cannot find out, which conditions I have to do to arrange the options for Table of contents. Sometimes there is an open option (text only, text and icon, only icon), sometimes there is no way to do that.
A lot of comments, but I hope they are reasonable. In case I am wrong, can you be so kind and tell me why and where I am wrong. Is there a possibility to discuss my comments with other customers? Is there a way you would consider my comments?
I can also send you some pictures about every comment (made with Snagit )

Best regards
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michelle schoen

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I agree about the Table of Contents option. I want mine visible all the time. I hate the ones that hide and appear. So annoying!
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Melodie Licht

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I second that!
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Tobias Ljung

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Yes, fully agree - the Table of Content change is annoying!
Change it, please.

Please also try to reply on Tamutkas notes./Thanks
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I also agree. The loss of keeping the TOC open is a major one for me.
My guess is this was done to try and save screen real estate because of the trend to publish for mobile devices, but some of us who use Camtasia in a “closed” corporate environment are not dealing with mobile devices as the primary consumption device.
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And, I am sorry, I cannot use the new Camtasia 8. It has too many defetcs. Besides all that I already wrote: I cannot use my template (Dreamweawer) for presenting videos for my web site, the videos made with the new program corrupt it.

It is pitty that the customers were not asked for the opinion before such major and (I think) unnecessary changes.

Well, perheaps the No9 will do :-)
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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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Hi Tamutka!

Thank you for the feedback. Seriously it's great to get this kind of information. Alright, here goes:

Why did we remove the undo and redo buttons?
We learned through our usability studies that our interface can be overwhelming to new users. This is not conducive to people understanding the value of Camtasia Studio as soon as possible. We don't want people to give up on us. So, to that end, we've been making some strides to minimize the amount of functions that we expose. We're trying to get down to the fundamentals.
We removed the undo and redo buttons for those reasons and due to a lot of users using Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y instead. But people work differently. I could see us maybe making that bar customizable in the future. That way you could choose what is on the UI. It's under consideration, but we need to hear back from users to see if it was a good idea. Would a customizable toolbar make sense to you?

Markers are too big
We made markers bigger to show off that your table of contents can include a thumbnail and not just text. We made that view hide-able so it doesn't have to be open if it takes up too much space.

Table of Contents confusion
If I'm understanding you correctly, I think this would be a bug if you can't access the TOC unless you're at the beginning of the video. You should be able to click on this button ( ) to make the TOC visible whenever your mouse is over the video.
As far as the TOC going away when your mouse leaves the video, I'd urge you to create a separate idea post for just that so that others can upvote just that idea. You might not get as much traffic when it's grouped with all these other ideas.

Table of Contents and Quiz translating
What would you like to see here? You should be able to save a couple different versions of your project right now with different translations. What other kind of functionality would be useful for you?

Table of Contents Title and Font
I need a bit more information about the TOC title for me to understand your issue. Why do you find it inconvenient that the TOC title is the title of the project?
As far as the fonts... that's a tricky subject. I know there is some difficulty with guaranteeing the the font will be on the users' machines. But that's definitely taken in to consideration.

Help files and tutorials: both are insufficient
The help file search could definitely be improved. I do know the content that your looking for is in there, but the search wasn't bringing it to the top result.
Background color can be found here:

Saving editing presets
I will try to find more information on this for you.

TOC options differing
You should be able to customize the TOC options any time you go down the Custom path of the Production Wizard. All the other paths will give you defaults.

Thank you again for all your feedback! :)
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Tobias Ljung

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Thanks for a quick and well answered reply!
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I will attempt to answer each of your comments/ questions.

1. There is no Undo / Redo button. You can use Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y for a undoing and redoing your actions. However, this doesn't mean we are not open to adding these button back in at a later time if we get enough requests for it.

2. Based an much feedback, the Markers were greatly enhanced in this new version. Now, you can see an actual thumbnail of the frame that the Marker references. You are able to change the name of the marker, add a marker to the timeline to make it's position stationary, or add to a media so where the media goes the Marker also goes. When the marker view is closed, you can see the marker position via the colored triangles on the top of the timeline. Please see Markers in the help file for more information.

3. The Table of Contents can be made visible or invisible upon the viewers initial viewing of your video. You choose that option. This can be found in the Custom Production path in the Marker Options screen:

As to the video on our Website: You are able to click on the playbar to go back to the area you would like to see. Seeking is a much quicker way to find what you need than replaying the entire video again. Also, our videos are typically quite short - 1 - 2 minutes, so a full blown TOC would be overkill. But, the Search option is enabled as are the captions - so you can easily search for the section you need as well. In addition, there are time stamps below the video that show you where each section begins. You can also look in the help file for information.

4. I'm not sure what you mean by "Only English speaking people using your program?" You are able to narrate your video in any language you choose or translate your video using captions in most languages you choose.

5. You can customize the Table of Contents in the Marker Options screen in the Custom Production path. I don't know exactly what you mean in comment #5 or what fonts will not work or where they will not work.

6. If you search the help file for "background Color", you will see how to change the background color of your canvas.

If you search the help file for Theme, you will find where to change the Theme or look of the controller.

At this time, the theme is only for choosing the look.. there is no functionality associated with the theme / look of the controller.

Are you looking for information on Title Clips? This is a tab that was removed in the new version. However, you can search the help file for Title Clip and find information. This section for instance:

7. There is no functionality tied to the Theme of the controller. It is simply a "look" or skin for how the controller looks.
At the end of your production, on the Finish page, you are given the option to save the production settings as your own preset. You can find more about this in the help file. Search for "Save Production Settings as a Preset".

You can customize the behavior of the TOC when using the Custom Production path. When using a preset, you cannot customize the settings along the way.
Please search the help file for "Produce Using Custom Production Settings" to see all of the options.

8. Each file format (MP4, WMV, etc.) will have it's own customization options. You can go through each production path in the help file to see which options are available for each file format. You can also click on the Help button on any production screen to learn more about the options for that file format.

I hope this answers your questions!
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Thank you both for such exact answer, but I am sorry. I really cannot use the new version. For my needs, the old version is good enough except the size. So, I will stay with it.
Hope everyone will have good experience and I wish you all nice and satisfied work.
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Thanks for the details Kelly and Chris.
I now see the production setting I need to use to mimic a pined TOC by disabling Auto-hide controls and setting the TOC initially visible. The main change I need to get accustomed to is including the extra 250px in width to the canvas to create “dead space” or a blank area that will be covered by the TOC while it is open.
The one thing I would like to request you bring back the ability to set the TOC width. I cannot find that options in V8 and I would love to be able to create a TOC smaller that your default width to help me maximize the screen real state. And add the ability to set the TOC height so I can mimic a PIP of an instructor over the TOC to even better allow me to maximize the screen real estate being that I primarily use Camtasia for software training and being able to squeeze out as much space as I can for ever increasing application sizes, would be great
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Michelle Schoen

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Speaking of Tables of Contents, I was also wondering why, when I create a video with a Table of Contents and produce it, I get an Active X error trying to open the produced file from my hard drive using Internet Explorer. This also happens with hotspots. I did not get this in Camtasia 7.
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Riccardo Ruffilli

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I completely agree with Andy: the new TOC would be great if just we could set position and dimension. with the existing possibilities of configuration is unusable for me (the reasons were well illustrated by Andy).
If these possibilities were implemented I would not doubt to immediately switch to V8, otherwise I just can not.
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Riccardo Ruffilli

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Again about the new Toc. For me a better behaviour could be this one: the TOC appears when the user move the mouse close to a border and disappears on a mouse out event. In this way could be adapted at my current projects because the overlapping time would be strictly functional at the choice of the scene.
At the moment, on the contrary, you have two choices: keep the TOC always visible (with the above mentioned problems of dimensioning of the video) or forcing the user to click on the button to make it appear, choose the thumbnail, and click on the button again to make it disappear: very unintuitive.

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