Need to animate an envelope/Christmas Card opening

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I am trying to animate an envelope to open.  I have all the separate parts of the envelope.  I just cannot get the animation to open from the flap side of the envelope.  It keeps opening from the fold side.

I know this has been done a thousand times I just cannot figure it out. Any assistance would be appreciated.   Using Camtasia 2018.
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Posted 9 months ago

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Joe Morgan

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Without actually seeing what you have to work with. I can only guess what you’re up to.

An envelope opening should be a fairly straightforward animation. However, one feature Camtasia lacks is the ability to adjust anchor points. Meaning this, all images pivot from the center.

You can apply behaviors and use the hinge effect. But you can only rotate an image 90 degrees. And you cannot control the direction of rotation. Or if you can, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. Either way, if you wanted to fully open an envelope. 90 degrees of rotation is not going to do it. In my tests, the flap folds inward on the envelope. So the animation doesn’t look right, right from the start.

So that leaves you with forcing the anchor point to another location. You need to do that in a photo editor. I used Photoshop. I centered the envelope flap in a PNG image so the anchor point would be properly positioned, from Camtasia’s point of view.

With the 2 images of the envelope on the timeline.

I made sure the Flap was properly positioned over the envelope. Then, I applied an animation to the flap,  the playhead is positioned at the beginning of the of the animation, Primarily to highlight "0" degrees of rotation at "X". Or nothing has been touched/changed at this point in time.

With the playhead positioned at the end of the animation. Rotate the X rotation to -180 degrees. And that completes the animation.


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Joe Morgan

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Here’s another option that doesn’t involve an image editor.

You can place a shape over the flap of the envelope. You want the outline of the shapes thickness placed at 0. Use the snap grid lines to position it precisely over the top of the envelope.

Reduce the opacity of the shape to 0. Then, copy and paste shape. Using the snap grid lines, position the new shape directly above the envelope. In contact with the envelope and the other shape.

Then, select both shapes and the envelope flap. Right click and group them.

Then applied the -180 degree rotation to the group. I probably should’ve thought of that yesterday. Oh well.

Regards, Joe

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I decided to try making one too.  Here's what I came up with.

I made it entirely in Camtasia 2018.0.7, using only triangle callouts, and 1 animation.  A group with a hidden object (Opacity=0) was used to move the hinge point, as Joe Morgan described above.

I made the envelope into a Library asset, and added some Quick Properties on it.  This lets you customize the colors.  We haven't released any tooling for adding Quick Properties, so making these properties appear requires some insider knowledge for now.

I exported the asset as a .libzip, and put it on here:  Note that Camtasia 2018 is required.  I only tested in Camtasia 2018.0.7, so that's recommended.  I *think* it will work in 2018.0.0 or later, but didn't try it.

To use it:
1. Download the .libzip file.  Note: Camtasia 2018 is required.
2. Double-click the .libzip file to import it into Camtasia's Library
3. Drag the asset from the Library to the timeline or canvas.
4. Resize and customize the colors as shown above.
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Nice Work {:>)