Need Macintosh Support for Morae. Need a SHARED solution.

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1. Our entire UXD team is on Macintosh. Procuring PCs for usability testing is not an easy task and adds an extra load of time and effort needed for testing as well as roping in support and people from various departments.

2. Our entire team is remote as we are located in three cities across the world. Single license for a single PC is very limiting. A single license for single PC prevents the team for contributing as it throws all the work on the shoulders of one person. We, as a team, would be more efficient and effective with a shared environment (Macintosh friendly shared environment).

3. There was a lot of internal and environmental pushback to continue w/Morae given the lack of Macintosh support and lack of shared access. Morae barely made it for our most recent round of highly visible user testing at an international conference.
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Kevin McCann

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My UX team would be all over Morae for Mac. We switched to Macs a few years back and everything was so much better except for usability testing. We're using Silverback now, which is pretty good for what it does, but we don't do highlight videos like we used to because we don't have the annotation and editing tools that Morae provides. Most of the web / UX world uses Macs so it's hard to believe it's not a huge, untapped market for Techsmith.
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Could someone on the Techsmith product management team explain what currently highly popular is in the product roadmap since forever?

All we hear is what Techsmith is not doing and we don’t see any highly voted issues ever come to fruition. Consequently, it would be very, very helpful if Techsmith could be more transparent on those specific Morae for mac product issues as I would really like to understand the impact of votes to this roadmap and the use cases/feedback that are driving the roadmap features.

We understand there is a balance between customer desired features, admin desired features, and technical debt to address performance, security, and scalability. However, I’ve been using this product for over 8 years, and nothing about Morae for Mac. 
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Pavel Pola

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We are also interested in Morae for Mac. Our UX team completely switched from PC to Mac and we need a similar solution on Mac. Are there any plans for going to the constantly growing Mac world? Thanks.
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Thanks for your comments.  I appreciate the interest and enthusiasm of our Morae customers that would like to have a Mac version.  Unfortunately, we still have no plans to port Morae over to the Mac platform.  There is simply not enough volume to justify the considerable expense that the development effort would entail.  I wish I could give you a more positive response.


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I keep wondering where the data around "not enough volume" comes from. Have you actually done a poll of your customers or market research to support that? Because it just doesn't resonate with my experience or from the looks of it the experience of most other designers. If your target audience were call center agents or business managers what you say would make sense. But the VAST majority of UX Designers (and even an increasing # of developers) use MACS. I personally know over 300 UX Designers and NOT A SINGLE ONE uses PC.

Just curious what data you have to back up your claim because comments like that to this demographic make you seem really out of touch from who your target user really is...
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It is certainly understanding that TechSmith would look to its potential market revenue versus development costs. It's certainly not a trivial item. I wonder, though, if opening up thousands of new licenses where none currently exist is a trivial number?

In the meantime, we Macintosh UXers can still use ClearLeft's Silverback, soon to come out with Yosemite-native.
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I'm the Director of UX for my company and I have to say that the idea of running this on a VM is not sitting well with me. I am throwing my hat in for Morae for the Mac or how about you guys bring back UserVue? If it had the features for timing tasks and noting observations, then I think you will find the market is finally ready for a hosted solution. You guys were ahead of the game on that one. I'll be waiting for Silverback, I can't justify the cost of the software plus Windows hardware for my Mac organization. 
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We are trying Morae on Mac using Parallels. It works great capturing Windows software (e.g. Win8, IE, Games, etc), however if we try to capture a native Mac window/software the main input gets totally grey and nothing is captured :(

We tried to change the different options in both Parallels and windows with no positive results.

Does somebody know how to get this properly working on Mac?
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I just installed VMWare Fusion 8.5, Windows 10, and Morae 3 and have discovered that the microphone throws an error.  I contacted Morae support and was flatly told that they do not support any tech requests for those running virtual environments on the Mac.  If your product people are going to ignore the trend that such a high percentage of UX designers and researchers use Mac computers, then at least make small tweaks so your program works with VMWare or Parallels!!  Someone mentioned "arrogant" above and I feel that's totally true of Techsmith so far.  Has someone else out there run into the microphone issue that blocks me from recording voice? Do you have a solution?  
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If you need another bit of customer demand and anecdotal sales opportunity,  I can provide it.  We just bought two copies of Morae to run for HR systems UX testing.  I debated with our enterprise UX team who all want us to use Lookback.  I would have bought 10 copies of Morae were it not for the OS limitation.  I bought the bare minimum because we had to acquire redundant laptops for these licenses, so they could run Windows for Morae. 
I don't think you can find many UX professionals who doesn't want you to port Morae over to Mac.  Whatever other arguments you may have for not developing/porting the product, sales opportunity is not one of them.