[Updated] New for Snagit - Firefox 7 extensions, outputs for MindManager 9, OneNote 2010, Flickr

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[Updated to include Snagit on Mac Firefox extension and Flickr output.]

We've got four small updates for all you Snagit fans:

New to Snagit outputs? When you click to download the .snagacc file, choose "save" (not "open"). Then double-click the file to install it in Snagit. Once installed, you will see a new button in Snagit Editor's Send menu.

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Posted 8 years ago

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Jim Penney

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Thanks for the heads up Daniel and again a thank you to all the Techsmith Team for their quick response to the calls for help.
Never doubted your ability to achieve the results once it was highlighted to you.
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For me it says (in German): "Output application can't be installed." for OneNote 2010, what to do? *edit* Ok, MindManager Output does work. :)
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THANK YOU for the OneNote 2010 output update!! It works great now and I LOVE TechSmith again!
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Unfortunately, didn't do a thing for me on Firefox 7. Regardless of how I set up Snagit (All-in-One, scrolling window), it does not capture a scrolling window, instead capturing only the viewable Firefox window. I am not even offered the "scrolling arrows" that would normally indicate a horizontal/vertical scrolling capture.

Firefox 7, Windows 7 SP1; using latest FF7-specific Snagit extension.
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Please let me know if there's additional debug info that I should capture. As it stands, Snagit is (still) useless for me with Firefox for scrolling capture (and has been for a long, long time).
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There seems to be a problem with the FF7-Update.

Norton Internet Security 2012 has blocked and deleted the snagitmozextension.dll after installation ("high risk: Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP")

...and what to do now?
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Guido, you will need to tell your security software that our extension is allowed.
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Alas, I just installed the extension for Firefox 7.0 and it still doesn't work for scrolling capture of a window in Firefox 7.0.1. Nor does it work in Opera 11.51.

It does work in Chrome 16.0.891.0, SRWare Iron 14.0.850.0., Comodo Dragon 14.0, and IE9.
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me too....where's my scrolling window? I had to make a serious breach of protocol and use IE...c'mon techsmith!
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I would suggest to anyone still having issues with Firefox and scrolling capture to create a blank profile and try it in it. It's not working in my regular profile, but it is in the blank profile. Like it was previously said, some extensions prevent the scrolling capture from working. In my case, I can at least point to Firebug causing an incompatibility and preventing the scrolling arrows from even showing up. This is unfortunate as I would like to scroll capture modified pages.

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Firefox Version 8 (Final) has been released.

Will the Snagit Firefox Extension version 1.25 work with it?

The Convenience of the SnagIt Toolbar, in Firefox, is one that has become very comfortable and useful to me over the years.
While "OneClick' is an option, it is much more time consuming and cumbersome, when making a series of captures of a series of screens all destined for a particular Folder location.

Since I still use Snagit 9 (I have always upgraded , since I first Installed SnagIt 6, years ago), but am unable (NOT Unwilling!) to upgrade to '10" at this time.

Hence my concern, before I update Firefox to Version 8.xx.

A definitive answer would be greatly appreciated/


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Mark Snagit

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I installed the Firefox 7 screen capture extension into my Firefox 7.0.1 and tried to use All-in-One on this page.

But the orange button of Capture Vertical Scrolling Area doesn't show up and this doesn't grab the web page area, always grabs the whole area of Firefox (including Menu, Page Tabs).

My OS is Windows 7.

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