New output for snagit - File Path to Clipboard

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I would like to see a new option for output with Snagit. Place the path of the captured file in the clipboard. This saves time when you need to do something else with the file like a paste it into a file upload dialog, etc
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Posted 8 years ago

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I agree with Julian. Screenpresso has this feature and a necessary one at that
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I work for a big company that uses Snagit and Lync.  Lync will not accept an image pasted from the clipboard into a message.  It will paste a local file path and try to upload the file it finds.  That would require a temp file (png/jpg) and the files name on the clipboard.  Copying the temp file to the cloud would definitely not be allowed. Please add this simple feature as requested above.  Also would be useful - as a temp file will be needed, could you automatically cycle the filenames through SNAGIT_00.jpg -> SNAGIT_99.jpg (for example) to save on an ever growing list of temp files.  Also - it would be nice to allow a different hotkey for this type of capture vs. one that should go to the editor.  Thanks!
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It seems like TechSmith finally understood that this is a very important feature and there are endless of users that need it. In the last years since this little feature was requested first there are two usefull workarounds to get this feature done:


Solution 1

Install SnagIt and Jing. Make a Screenshot with Snagit and modify it with Snagit. Make a ScreenShot of the SnagIt-Worspace with Jing. There it is: Uploadet to FTP with the URL in the Clipboard.


Solution 2

Stop using Snagit, only use Jing.


This two solutions are not the best ones, but they work.
Now TechSmith has decidet to remove that workaround by a simple Update: Jing will not have an FTP-Upload anymore. They anounced that FTP-Output will be removed in the next update. And in addition to that, they also anonced that we must update.
It seems like TechSmith trys really hard to block this feature.


I don ́t believe that we will ever get this feature. If TechSmith decides to REMOVE the feature from the free product instead of ADDING it to the paid product, TechSmith seems not to be interested in satisfied customers.

It is really weired. Why the hell are they using so sad argues like "Maintaining FTP for a free product is too expensive" or "This feature is too much work for SnagIt"? And why are they always trying to force us to use Screencast? Screencast is something very different: It ́s not a Link to the URL of the Image, it ́s a Link to a website with the image. Don ́t tell me your coders can ́t see the difference ...


All the best, Julian!

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Work-around: oneliner bat script

-create a bat file and place the following line in it:

echo %1 | clip.exe

-save it somewhere

-In Snagit, Create a new profile

-select "program" as the share type

-click the gear icon to edit share type

-on program tab, click add button

-browse to and select the bat file that you created in the first step

-edit display name if you like

-leave parameters as they are (this will pass the file path to the bat script which is then referenced by %1); click ok

-edit automatic filename and file location settings if you like; click ok to save

-uncheck the editor button to make sure the editor does not pop up every time

-assign a hotkey if you like - i recommend it.

-click the save button

you can use profiles by right clicking on the snagit icon in the system tray or by using the hotkeys that you assigned.

When the profile is used, it will save the clip in specified directory and run the bat file that copies the file path to the clipboard.

fyi; clip.exe is a system program that is found in c:\windows\system32\ on windows systems.


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