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Just installed the latest SnagIt and here are my thoughts.

I was rather fond of the little "One Click" gizmo recently introduced. Sad to see it go. Seemed it operated a bit more smoothly than the new version does. Is the new version intended to resemble a camera? The version 11 one was much smaller and the new one seems humongous in comparison. I'm wondering if it's because the developers use extra huge monitors so it actually seems small to them?

I recall seeing a forum question asking about an ability to resize the capture area before actually capturing, and it seems that the overall capture process now requires me to set the area, THEN choose the capture type. Perhaps I'm just not seeing where I can configure behavior similar to what I had before, where I capture and it just does its thing unless I want to change the capture type to video. Might just be me being thick headed, but I'm baffled as to why an extra step would be introduced here.

I'm looking in vain to discover where (or even if I can) change the editor colors. Sorry, but the ocean of dark grey with light grey icons actually makes it more difficult for me to easily find and recognize the icons I've been accustomed to using. Hoping there is (or will be) some way to adjust to a different color scheme. Additionally, when looking at some of the images for the callouts, the color scheme makes them look sort of "broken" as they are no longer clear and legible.

I do actually love SnagIt and I realize this is coming off as being rather whiny, but I'm simply being honest with my observations. I'm sure that if nothing changes with the items I've mentioned, it will *STILL* be my tool of choice, but it seems that the last three or so versions have introduced changes that actually appear to attempt to hinder what was once a smooth and efficient process.

More as I discover things... Rick :)

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Posted 6 years ago

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Just tried out the video capture. It's nice that we are now able to trim out unwanted bits. Nice job on that!

However, while it seemed intuitive on the surface, I found myself scratching my head because the trims didn't seem to work. As it turned out, trimming requires you to click directly on the word "Cut" and I was clicking the X. I guess the X must cancel it?

Another oddity is that when recording, the big red record button just changes to a pause button that is red. As it was the red button, intuitively it seemed the correct choice was to click it to end the recording. I was a bit baffled at first because nothing happened. Then it finally hit me that I have to click the little square next door. I would have expected that the square button would have been red to indicate that's the button you would click next.

Ahhh growing pains. If only UI designers could think like us simple users think!

Cheers... Rick :)

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Hello Rick,

Thank you for the honest feedback,  I can address some of your questions about the new capture method.

We did change the one-click interface to make it more clear that there is now only one way to capture now via the "big red button".  If you already know which kind of capture you need before creating the capture( video or image ) that is still available by clicking on the "View Profiles" icon and Image and Video are at the very top of the list:

You can also assign hotkeys directly to one or both of those profiles in "Manage Profiles".

There is another advantage of the new capture method in that you can tweak the capture size while you are choosing image or video :

Adam Marks
Developer, TechSmith

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