No new audio controls in Camtasia 2018?!?

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Just got off the tech support chat line having learned that there are no new planned audio controls in the upcoming Camtasia 2018. To say that I'm disappointed would be an under statement!
We users aren't asking for complex audio tools, just basic tools that any video editor would need to edit voiceovers or 3rd party video & audio, etc.
Specifically we NEED a high pass filter (set to 90-100Hz) to remove VO plosives and room rumble. It also would be nice to have a simple 3 band EQ with sweet spots (200Hz, 1.8KHz, and 8KHz) to help push or tame VOs. These are not complex audio plugins - they are present in EVERY other video editing program out there. To be forced to export audio to a 3rd party editor for such simple tweaks is a major time waster and totally unnecessary!
Come on folks!!!
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  • disappointed!!!!

Posted 9 months ago

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I agree totally. Camtasia 2018 is a bust. My requirement Is even simpler. I need the button that used to exist that silenced a section of the audio recording. One button!!!!!! and they removed it. The excuse I was given is that I could achieve the same result by a complicated set of steps is nonsense. The lack of response to this request is the reason that I am switching to Wondershare's Filmora. It is also less expensive and has some neat features that Camtasia 2018 is missing. 
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I too miss that button! 

I have to agree. Audio was simpler to deal with in earlier versions.
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While I agree that the button should not have been removed (I believe in having functionality accessible through both the GUI and shortcuts, not either / or) I think the use of "complicated" and "steps" in the plural is overstating it in some cases.

You still have the option of using the keyboard shortcut Shift +S on the selected part of the track or, if you're a mouse user, it's on the context menu as well.

In some cases it works cleanly and well, in others less so.
  • Problem 1: The audio points do a dead drop of 90 degrees. This can make the silence sound abrupt and unnatural, though you can of course pull the lower audio points toward each other to ease the transition. That, of course, is where it starts becoming multiple steps instead of one.
  • Problem 2: It applies to ALL of the unlocked tracks in the selection range, even if you have only one of those tracks currently selected. If I cough while doing a commentary, for example, I either have to manually set audio points (with the mouse; oh how I love doing that, sarcasm, sarcasm) OR lock the background track(s) before doing the Silence operation.
On which point the absence of a "lock all tracks but this one" command like Photoshop has with layers is a sore point. It would make it easier to do the silence operation, and FAR easier to export only the commentary track for much-needed reprocessing in Audacity or similar.
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I'm so happy to learn that the Audio Silence is still available. It's such a time-saver for cleaning up when narrators take breaths, etc.
I never knew it was in the context menu.  thanks!