No Wonder No Updates Yet

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This news event post on March-31-2017 from Techsmith might explain why we haven't seen some fixes updates yet.

New TechSmith Beta Product Offering: SnagIRL

They have been busy with this "New Product"  Gotta say... looks cool!

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Posted 3 years ago

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Tim Frost

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Ha-ha-haaaaaa!  This is a great April Fool's post.  The first I have seen from any business.

A better one would be: "ATTENTION all Camtasia 9 owners!  We are about to release Camtasia 9.2 which allows users to choose from their preferred level of UI color.  You can now choose from the current black option, or the lighter black lettering on a light gray background, or black lettering on a white background."
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Rick Stone

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LMAO! That totally rocks. Thanks for sharing that!
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Tim Frost

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Which post to you like better?  The one about the new SnagIt or my comment about Camtasia 9.2?
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Hrumpf, I see some real problems with this product.  From the demo, it only appears to capture in B&W.  

Also as I age, I find that ear, eyebrow, and nose hair is becoming a real problem.  As a result, I tend to use whatever scissors that I find immediately available to keep myself properly groomed.  I saw no mention of any sort of body hair filter. seems to  me this should be a basic part of the product.

I mean who wants a room full of black and white body hair reproductions?

YAWN!  wake me up when when it's ready for prime time.
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ha ha! I saw this yesterday but only watched it today. Yesterday, I was thinking : "Wow, that looks like a a cool product! I wish I had thought of it first". Just goes to show one should never put off watching a video released on April Fools!