OMG No More mp3 ? - I Can't Live Without It

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You know that pair of tennis shoes you had that the sides were ripped out or you may have even taped the toe but you just couldn't throw them away?  They were just to comfy. How could you ever live without them.

The fact is you did have to finally let them go and in the end it really wasn't the end of the world.

Enter mp3,  the comfy shoes of audio for many.

We all used that format at one time or another and for some that was all they used.

Hey it was great. Small file size, sounded pretty good and worked everywhere.
But the time has come to think about letting it go and move on to something newer, better, and
more efficient.

You can have the best scripted, planned and executed video made but if the audio sucks your video sucks

But what do I use now you ask? There are just so many different formats. It's to confusing.

I really can not answer that for you. It depends on your needs or requirements but you don't need to rely on mp3 anymore.

Here's a good video that should help you understand all this audio format stuff a little better
and help you see letting mp3 go like that comfy pair of tennis shoes isn't the end of the world.

After the 5:16 mark is just a ad so you can skip the last minute or so of the video.

Hope you find it useful. You can let mp3 go. You really can ;-)

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Love it...