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Well.... This issue had come up with another post. Here's the post title: "I want to create an image of a magnifying glass hovering over some text in Camtasia." I replied to that post on how to create a lens where one has control over the physical parameters of the lens (physical parameters include controlling the amount and the nature of the magnification). I found that my rendering program KeyShot has an animation function, so that one can create in a 3D drawing program the magnifying lens, then create a handle to hold the lens, then import this to KeyShot, then alter the lens parameters so it affects light rays the way you want it to. Then one can use animation to have this lens "float along" down a background "wall" or "panel" and one can put whatever they want on that wall. Hehehehehe  I could not stop myself, I removed the handle, and used Google Earth Pro to put a street scene on that wall. Now that lens looks like a UFO just floating along..... Anyway back to reality, just float that lens down whatever text interests you, and either do this in KeyShot and let Camtasia record it, or import the KeyShot avi into Camtasia. I sent this as an mp4 to my YouTube account....here's the link:


The mp4 that I sent to my YouTube account was created in Camtasia.

What I really want to do is put the pistonrobot (or maybe 2 of them) inside that lens, let it float along down the street scene, Have one pistonrobot turn his head and "notice" the recording video machine, and then the other pistonrobot would raise its hand and hit a red button inside the lens and then the whole thing would just wink out. It makes me smile, but I am not sure if an animation function in KeyShot allows one to slowly increase the transparency of something so it would appear that it just faded away... oh well. 

Here's one image I made: 
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