OneClick and Multiple Monitors

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My laptop is connected to two monitors via a docking station. One of these monitors is my primary display.

I have OneClick active all the time and position it on my primary display.

If I disconnect my laptop from the docking station, then reconnect, OneClick stays on my laptop screen. I have to drag it back to my primary display.

With several meetings every day where I have to take my laptop to a conference room,  I'm having to do this re-positioning far too often.

Is there a way to make OneClick recognize the current primary display and dock it there?

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Posted 11 months ago

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I have the exact same issue. The Oneclick box appears on my primary monitor (where I had anchored it) only some of the time ... maybe one in every 10 times I launch capture. When it does not appear I try bouncing the cursor along the edges of both my primary and secondary screens, but it is nowhere to be found. Only by disengaging the Displaylink software and then reapplying it does oneclick appear again. However the configuration of multiple monitors is tricky business and can screw up the multi-monitor array. So I end up opening the large capture box on my second monitor where it remains so it is handy. But it reduces my desktop real estate.
Please find us a better workaround.

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I also am in the same boat, where I have my laptop docked with two external monitors. I keep the laptop lid closed while working. When I remove the laptop from the docking station and boot the laptop, the OneClick applet appears on the Laptop. However, going back in the opposite direction is problematic. The OneClick applet usually does not appear on either of my two external monitors (it remains on the Laptop, even though the laptop lid is not opened.)

The display layout is as follows when docked:
   Mon 1 (left monitor)
   Mon 2 (right monitor)
   Mon 3 (laptop, closed lid)

Until today, I always resorted to opening the laptop lid (which subsequently locks the screen), logging back in and manually dragging the OneClick applet back across to the desired monitor.

I managed to work out a workaround (involves finding/changing the following registry key to "0"):

Note: You should backup your Registry prior to making any changes (to be on the safe side, should something go awry.)

As you can see, my version of SnagIt is version 13. Yours may be different. The above change should reset the OneCllick applet position, so that it reappears at the top middle on the first monitor.

I ended up setting up a reg file, so that I can simply merge it with the registry whenever the problem surfaces.

My reg file for the above looks as follows (with stub for user-guid):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Only the PositionX value needs to be reset to "0" for the fix.

With the above reg file handy, the following is the procedure I use whenever this problem returns:
  1. Exit out of SnagIt via the System Tray icon (if running)
  2. Open a Command Prompt using Run As Administrator
  3. Run the reg file (and respond Yes when prompted.
  4. Relaunch SnagIt

Hope that helps with your similar issue.