OneClick without cursor capture

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Unfortunately, capture settings cannot be changed for the red "OneClick" button. OneClick is my main way of capturing, but the fact that it captures the mouse cursor makes me crazy.
Of course, I can remove iteasily in Snagit Editor, but sometimes I forget it.
It would be much approciated, if the red OneClick button could be customized like other presets are.
OneClick presets are even stored in the Presets2.xml file, but hacking it makes no sense, it is   overwrittenevery time SnagIt starts.
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Posted 2 months ago

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Have you considered abandoning OneClick in favor of a simple keyboard shortcut assigned to a preset?
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Think of One Click as Dumb as a Rock.

I'm voting yes for your Idea, as this was how SnagIt functioned for years.
TechSmith decided to take that functionality away as of SnagIt 12. It used to be you could assign custom profile to one click.Saving you from learning or assigning hotkeys if you chose not to.

I thought that was a great feature {:>(

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Using the 'PRTSCR' key shortcut seems to work as long as the last preset used had the desired settings.
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Yeah but thats not"OneClick" the Red One Click Button.
The one click button is that Giant Lone Red Button at the top of the screen, or side.Wherever you decide to dock it.

I use the drop down menu feature.I know how to use it.What it's all about.That's why they did away customizing One Click with SnagIt 12.

That was no reason to make One Click a one trick pony. The Giant Red Button is much easier to click than the smaller menu items.
I have a hot key for the SnagIt editor, A hot key for Photoshop.Use them all the time.So I remember them easily.

If I could assign Panoramic Scrolling capture to the Giant Red Button.That's what I'd do. Which I don't use a hot key for, because I use it so little.That would be great.
But I can't, must carefully select from tiny menu instead of hitting giant button.

I don't need All in Capture far less! So the Giant Red Button is Useless to me.Its the Giant Useless Red Button for me.

I'm less than optimistic. But I can't see any reason not to have a Smart Red Button.
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I hear you. I rarely use the 'Big Red Button' myself because it's not customizable. I have a few custom presets created on the drop-down menu that I use. Being able to set 'OneClick' to do what you want would definitely be a useful feature.