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Hi there,

In our company we want to use SnagIt to share screenshot with some additional information with customer and among our colleagues. Screenshots/Video are uploaded to a custom FTP Server and the direct URL to that file is copied by some Customer URL and Variable/Tags to the clipboard:

Basicly all screenshots are project specific and should only be shown to them which have the link. Actually the links to the different screenshots can be guessed/brute-forced really easily since the naming scheme is know (YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS.ext). 

It would be very nice if we could add some Variables/Tags like [filehash] and [fileext to get the i.e. md5-hash of that file as possible part of the filename. So the customer code could look like this:



This would make the link unguessable. And we can use this Tool among all customers. Additional idea: Variables/Tags themself should be configurable. i.e instead of haveing [filehash] and output all letters and number of the md5-hash we could limit the output to i.e. 8 characters [filehash(8)] -> 

[fileext] will contain the configured file extension.

Would be really great if this feature would also be on the x-mas-wish list of people who also like making life easier by using better tools ;)
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Official Response
Agreed. We are looking into this. Thank you for the idea. Basically you want to have some level of security in your server by further obscuring the filenames, and thus the URLs, of those files, correct?

I had a couple ideas built on yours, so please tell me if either of these still meet your needs:
  1. Have another field for you to specific the format of the filename, like you suggest. But allow milliseconds to be part of the format. So you could type in "yyyy-mm-dd_HH-mm-ss-ffff" (where f is fractions of a second) and you get a more deeper level of obscurity.
  2. Just have a checkbox to randomize filenames that are shared. We could do an alphanumeric random string of 24 character length as an example. Or would you still want the date and time in the filename as you suggested?
  3. Alternatively, we just allow file hash as a variable. File hash is definitely an easy way to get a random string, as Luke has told me. :)

Does that meet your needs and/or the needs of everyone else that upvoted this request?