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I have tested this extensively and found that when you pause your recording job, the audio will be out of sync with the video.

If I dont use the pause button at all - everything remains in sync. So I cannot use pause (f9) at all unfortunately.

Is there going to be a fix for this?

I have Win 7 64bit. 16G Ram - full modern specs.

Please advise.

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Posted 8 years ago

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Just wanted to share my experience. I have been using version 8.*.* for 6 months and have now upgraded to version 9. 

In both versions I have just recorded the screen, no webcam involved. I have recorded my voice using an external microphone.

I'm doing education and tutorial videos for some rather technical stuff, so I use the pause/resume functionality quite often. There is NO DOUBT, that using pause/resume brings the sounds and the video out of sync. The more I use it the more it get's out of sync. I spend - maybe not hours - but 10s of minutes moving sound to match video. I have had to introduce a protocol of click "hard" with the mouse as the first thing after I resume the recording to have a fix point between the video and the sound.

My frustration is growing, and when I see that this has been an unsolved problem for more than 5 years, and the answer from the engineers is: "Well we don't see it much, and only on certain occasions, and maybe you shouldn't use a STANDARD feature like pause/resume" then I'm loosing trust in the product.


Regards - Kasper
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I too have purchased Camtasia 9 thinking I can use it as a video editor for non-Camtasia files.  The files play fine in a normal player but when played or produced with Camtasia, the audio is fine but the video doesn't keep up.  I have to move the playhead backwards to see where the video is. 

To fix, I had to recode the video in Handbrake (#4 in the link below) for it to work for me.

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I made a similar observation so TechSmith asked me for a video example. I made a video of a metronome ticking away for a whole hour. After about 15 minutes the audio and video were visibly out of sync. After a half hour, the "tick" was happening when the metronome pointer was straight up rather than the side. By the end of a full hour, the "tick" was happening on the completely opposite side. Anyone could see the video lagged horribly. I never even paused the recording.
Their reply was that it wasn't a good example of a real world video and I should make another one with people talking. Really? How would the result be any different?
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Are you kidding me? I would say I can't believe it, but since this thread is five years old, unfortunately, I do believe it.
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Yes, in the REAL world a metronome would never tick for a full hour. Only people talking would really happen. Why people talk for a full hour just about every day
. Although, obviously, you could fake that and have people who don't NORMALLY talk to each other talk for a full hour, and then it wouldn't be a real world example either.

Man - this video stuff is hard... 
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This is why I stopped using Camtasia. This problem has been ruining my work for years. (version 7 and 8). Thanks for letting me know its still broken in 9! i use other stuff now, my computer is TOP of the line so it cant be me.