Play head does not stop at the red handle

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In Cam 7 on Windows, if I pulled the read handle away from the play head, and clicked the play button, the play head stopped at the red handle, which it ought to do. In Cam9, this is only true part of the time. I haven't figued out why it is intermittent, but I'd like to have the Cam7 behavior back: the play head won't go beyond the red handle. Is there an option to force this behavior? Thanks.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi there

In my own experience with Camtasia 9, when you configure a Timeline selection with the green and red selection handles, playing the selection will result in exactly that. The playhead only moves from the green location to the red. Then it stops.

BUT, if you perhaps pressed the > key to move the playhead only one frame beyond the end selection, pressing the spacebar or clicking the play button will result in the playhead moving on down the timeline despite the selection. So perhaps the "intermittent" aspect involves accidentally moving the playhead using the keyboard shortcut?

Interesting in that Camtasia 2018 does not seem to behave this way. In 2018, regardless of where the playhead is, it seems to just snap to the green selection handle and only play the selection. The only way it seems to play beyond the selection is to just double-click the playhead so the selection is removed. ThenĀ  command the play.

If there is a setting that governs this behavior, I'm unaware of it. I suspect the behavior is simply embedded in the application code.

Cheers... Rick :)