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(This idea comes what what we’ve heard here in this community as well as from other customer feedback methods we utilize. The feedback we gather here will help us gauge how well it fits our users’ needs. Please let us know what you think)

The Problem:

I need the video to play in reverse (for education, training, scientific reasons, etc).

Potential Solution:

A video effect in Camtasia which will reverse the direction of a clip
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Posted 3 years ago

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With Camtasia 2019 just out, why is this not yet a thing! I can not understand why. Techsmith devs - get your act together!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How Do I Play Videos In Reverse On Camtasia?.

Obviously, Camtasia, being a good program would offer the standard and basic functionality of playing videos in reverse.  I'd hate to insult Camtasia's developers by suggesting they failed to offer a feature that is so rudimentary.  Obviously, I have missed it. I see no way to play videos in reverse.  How do I do it on Camtasia?  My apologies for requesting help on something so basic.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Reversing a video.

This is a desirable feature in preparing training videos. Is it in your roadmap?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Is it possible to reverse/rewind a video clip?.

There are times when it would be helpful if I could reverse a video segment and add it to the timeline. What I'm thinking of would essentially be the video equivalent of mirroring an image. Is there any way to do this in Camtasia? If not, are there other tools that can do this?


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How do i reverse videos in camtasia 9?.

i want to reverse my videos in camtasia 9 and i dont know how please help
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I think that a "reverse video" option would be useful.

There are countless times where I have wanted to reverse my video, but I couldn't. Please add this feature. Thanks.
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have you tried this workaround ...

How To Capture Clip Playing Backwards In CS 2018 2018-09-15

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I'm in the same boat. I'm using an old video and they got the order backwards. I need to reverse.
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@juliawarwick, could you elaborate on your issue? When you say, "They got the order backwards," are you referring to some static screens in the video, like PowerPoint slides? If so, you can import that old video into the timeline, chop up the slides and reorder them. There are several other alternatives. Please describe what you want to do more completely, or point to a video we can look at.


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I'm still shocked that this isn't even planned. Though with that being said I'm regularly shocked by basic things I expect from Camtasia that it lacks. Camtaisa has some really great things... and some disapointing things. hopefully they can make some big strides.
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this should be top priority, how come it isn't there yet? 
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I'd certainly like this feature also.  Case in point would be all the downloadable videos of curtains opening
But trying to find those same videos of them closing...well, that's a bit more of a problem.  I'd like to be able to close a video segment with a curtain close, and then introduce the new segment with the same curtains opening.  If I could reverse the video, it wouldn't matter to me if I only found the perfect opening or closing video...I could just reverse it to get the opposite action on it.  I suppose I could animate an entire frame coming down from offscreen, and then animate it going back up.  But it's not as clean a solution as I'd like.
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Interesting! And I like it!
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Me too!  Reverse clips should be a "no brainer."   Surprised it's still not part of the platform.   Doors opening and closing.  Windows, drapes, etc. 
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Wow... It's such a basic feature to reverse a video!
Still no solution?
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This was noted by the developers THREE YEARS ago as 'surprisingly popular'!
Since then...all we hear is crickets... Gah!
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Yup. This is one of the most common reasons I have to fire up Premiere (the other is importing PNG sequences).
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Okay Dave. Darn it, you are making my warped little brain itch something fierce!

I'm sure everyone has their own different reasons for wanting this feature added to Camtasia so badly. And I had my own need a few months back.

The last time my brain itched like this was when I saw Joe Morgan mention something about these beasties known as PNG sequences.

Note that I'm vaguely aware of what a PNG sequence actually is. I believe one might create such a thing by loading an actual video into some editing application. Perhaps Premiere Pro? And commanding it to spit individual frames out as a series of PNG images?

Where I get lost is understanding how this is actually helpful. What does it allow you to accomplish that you are unable to using the video editing software?

advTHANKSance for an explanation! Rick :)
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Some technical and scientific programs output PNG sequences of simulations or data visualizations. These are effectively frames with zero video compression.

Some animation programs can output PNG sequences of frames instead of video. In addition to the zero compression benefit, they can also have transparent backgrounds. This means you can entirely eliminate the need to remove a background color-good chroma keying is imperfect in any video editor and quite challenging in Camtasia. Last time I did this, there was some issue with importing MOV files with transparency, so PNG sequences was a workaround.

Of course, a complete description of this feature request would be something like, "Ability to import a folder of PNG files and insert them on the timeline as sequential clips with a specifiable duration, typically one frame."

Here's an older example of an engineering software package demo incorporating two different PNG sequences:

The imported PNG sequences start at 1:04 and 2:33. I didn't have access to Premiere at that time so I imported them manually to Camtasia and changed all their durations to 1 frame. Took a quite a while.

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Thanks so much for the explanation!
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This really is a no-brainer kind of feature. And its been sitting in your backlog for 4 years? Thats a really long time to ice-box something that seems to be a very popular request. Trust me, I can understand software overhauls, especially not wanting to get hotfixes in to bandaid situations, but your roadmap should have at least nailed this one down in the past 3 years. Nearly 4 years of folks waiting for what should be a simple Add-on effect, is kinda crazy. Just my two cents.
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C'mon here. 4 years and STILL no reverse feature. I work for a software company, and while I understand things take time, this is beyond ridiculous.