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I edit a lot of teaching videos and I need a feature of speeding up the playback. Do authors have any plans on adding this feature? It's tedious to listen to the recording at 1x all the time and takes too much time. Unfortunately, sometimes, we really need to listen to the recording from the beginning to the end.

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Posted 6 months ago

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You do indeed need it. As do all of us who use the program non-trivially, and have been asking for it for over half a decade.

Intermittently people ask for it  again and again and again, but there's no indication that it'll show any time soon. A lot of the later threads have only a single vote (though who knows how many others there are) so I'd recommend voting for the thread in the first link and perhaps commenting on it to bring it back to the surface.

You may encounter a suggestion to add a playback speed adjustment. This is all fine and dandy for simple projects with a single contiguous track. It works rather less well in the real world where a project can consist of dozens of splits and tracks.
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Yeah buts it's also 100% impractical because you can't slow the video back down and watch it in real time without resetting clip speed to Zero.
Or sure you can fast forward to an area of interest.Then you're left with a voice that speaks like a chipmunk. Moves to quickly to follow and edit with precision.

Or you have a video without audio.Same issue, you need to watch or scrub in real time to make most edits.
This constant bouncing back and forth between Clip Speed On, Clip Speed Off. Is counterproductive and quite frankly. A user unfriendly workaround.
This thread dates back 5 years.

I posted this video to show how the Fast Forward & Reverse Playback works in Premiere Pro.
It seems a lot people are unfamiliar with a common feature many seasoned video editors have been using in other programs for a decade or more.

I'm no programmer, or software manufacture.
However, I would think this is an easy feature to implement.