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I simply want to sort the videos in a playlist by date and NOT by alphabetical order. New videos should appear at the top. I currently have to rename all the videos to change the sort order which is a bit crazy and unworkable.

I see that the topic of playlist sort appeared many many years ago and apparently it should be working by now. Any update on this?

I would think sorting a list of files by date should be a very easy fix :)
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Posted 1 year ago

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Thanks Ed, I just send the playlist URL to customers who can then watch the recordings. When I add a new one it just appears in alphabetical order - they want it the top
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I guess I'm a little confused. It's normal, No reason for concern :-)

When you say playlist...

How are you making a playlist?  In Camtasia? Some other software?

" You send the playlist URL to customers

To where? A website page,  video platform (Youtube) ??

Need to know a bit more info such as

- How are you making the playlist

- How are you making the playlist accessible to your customers?  I'm not asking for a link or for you to expose anything just the method you are presenting the playlist. Webpage,  txt file, PDF etc.

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Hi Dubie

Sorry - should have provided more info at the start :)

I may be on the wrong forum - should have picked Screencast from the list

I'm making the playlist in Screencast, you simply create a new playlist with its own URL and then add your Camtasia recordings to that list. You can then send that playlist URL to anyone and they can easily access all the videos on the list (instead of sending 10 separate URL's). 
When you do this the videos get sorted in alphabetical order, the problem arises when you add a new video to the list - it could end up at the bottom because of its name. 
You could rename all the videos on the list to get a specific sort order but that would be a real pain and you need to do it every time you add a new video. 

All I really wanted was a 'Sort by Date' option. 

This issue actually appeared about 7 years ago on the forum, apparently it was on the TechSmith list to remedy - but it's not happened yet!
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make your playlists manually, in a program like Excel, which will let you sort on a date field

then, export that worksheet as a PDF or HTML file and email to your viewers

as you add more links, just resort the list

or, on, make a separate folder for these videos; that way, the listing can always be sorted by date added; just send the link to the folder

I made this tutorial back in 2014; it might give you some other ideas on how to approach this ...

How To Share Links To Media Files

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Thanks for that - I'll watch your video