Please Add Rulers And Guides To Camtasia

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Please add rulers and guides.  When I need precise registration I end up having to go to a different product.  The workarounds of fake rulers and guides are sloppy. Could you add them, Please?
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Richard Duncan

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Posted 3 years ago

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I think a Pixel Ruler and/or Grid would be super helpful. Today I found myself wanting to check the height gaps between several text blocks to ensure the pixel distance was consistent. I couldn't find a way to do that other than relying on the snap-to-grid feature.

Thanks for considering this idea.
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Yes, I find myself using a square callout to make sure items are aligned. It would be soooo much easier if TechSmith added a ruler to the canvas. 
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Indeed. I heartily echo Tanya's request. I tried using a ruler from the Mac App Store, but it doesn't work in Camtasia. Very frustrating!
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Yes! I don't know if the developers read these, but I am getting tired of using homemade rulers in my videos. A guide, or to a lesser extent, a grid would save a great deal of difficulty and make Camtasia a better product.
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I'd like to be able to track a custom animation across the screen in a straight line, and I struggle with it every time. having a guide would be SO useful!
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Joe Morgan

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You can move media with the Arrow keys.

That way they will track in a straight line. If you hold "Shift" The media will move much faster across the canvas.

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Thanks Joe, although that doesn't help if you want to match up with the centre line guides, which only appear if you drag an object, or move a zoom region in a straight line, as these you can't move with the arrow keys (another of my pet hates:-) ). 
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Having grids to toggle on and off would be helpful for sure.

Until/If we ever get them I just use a overlay grid.

Put it on the uppermost top track and lock that track so you don't move it around.
You can then toggle that grid track on and off as needed.

When done editing hide or remove the grid/track before rendering.

Here are a few you I use if I need one.

1280 Grids

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Thanks Dubie, I will use those for sure! :-) 
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I have coleagues then uses fisic rulers on their screens to line up some objects! Add rulers please!!!
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Huge vote for this. I have an unpleasant memory of a marketing professional taking me to task because my assets weren't lined up. 
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Yes, please add guides! Very frustrating when you're trying to get objects lined up consistently across a project.