Please fix the "Change Clip Speed" option also changing pitch. It's not that hard. (Camtasia 9)

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Mac has a way to independently change pitch AND clip-speed. This forces anything faster or slower to become a different tune. There's a thread where somebody has the same problem SIX YEARS AGO and you solve it for Mac. Why is this still a thing? I want to make the clip longer, not turn everybody into Darth Vader. If I want to make a funny reference quickly, I don't want the sped up clip to stab my viewers' ears with chipmunk noises.

I honestly do not care about the whole "well the audio quality gets worse because the machine has to "fill in the blanks" and it sounds like garbage" I KNOW HOW THAT WORKS.

Say there's a glitch in a Gaming video. It creates an absurd moment which is so out of the ordinary it incites a laugh. To highlight this, I might slow the clip down (as it may have been less than a second), and zoom in on that area. The bizarre way the audio distorts, combined with the full zoomed in view and natural humor can make a viewer laugh out loud.

While lowering the pitch can also be funny, many time it is unnecessary and is pretty much just overkill.

I'm also making a video where all the national anthems to the tune of "God bless the Queen" are overlayed on top of "Sweet Land of Liberty". I don't want it to sound like a hot mess.

I'll wait for the independent pitch changing to be ported over from Mac.

But this stupid "Changing speed changes the Pitch" has got to go.
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  • Annoyed. This is just stupid.

Posted 2 years ago

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Please do it: I've found an easy to implement formula on Internet:
Let X be new video playback speed, be it 0.68x (68%) or 2.15x (215%).
Semitone shift = 12 * log(1 / X) / log(2)
For 0.68x => 12 * log(1 / 0.68) / log(2) = +6.68
For 2.15x => 12 * log(1 / 2.15) / log(2) = -13.25

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completely agree. This feature is making me think of switching to different software, as it takes quite a lot of fiddling to export to Audacity and reimport to do this for every single video.
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I have two presentation clips from the same speaker that I'm trying to combine in one video.  Unfortunately, in one he talks more quickly than in the other.  I tried speeding up the other one to match his cadence, but now he sounds like half-man, half-chipmunk.

I'm able to change clip speed without changing pitch on the FREE Audacity program.  I paid good money for Camtasia, so I would hope the audio capabilities would be at least as good as free software...  ESPECIALLY if you already solved this for Mac YEARS ago.
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Do we know if TechSmith solved it for Mac, or do we know if Apple solved it for Mac, and TechSmith just used that? 

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We just know it needs to be solved.  ;-)