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I love SnagIt. Really and truly, I do. But your eraser tool drives me crazy for the following reasons:

1. The eraser tool image doesn't change size when you change the size of the pixel stream you want to erase, which makes it ridiculously difficult to figure out just where on the tool you're actually removing part of the image. And, even at the largest "swipe" you can make, it still isn't as large as the tool image, so it's difficult under even the best conditions to not over-erase what you're working on.

Idea: Make the eraser tool scalable in size to match the pixel width you're removing.

2. The way its shown, the eraser tool image is ALWAYS in the way of what you're trying to erase, making a tricky job constantly difficult.

Idea: Make the eraser tool work from the edge of the image being removed, not on top of it.

3. Yes, its easy to see which is the eraser tool by using an image of a giant eraser, but its far easier to manipulate a tool that looks and works like the eraser at the end of a pencil (especially if you're working with the smallest pixel sizes or on intricate job), than using a tool the size of a ham sandwich. ...

Idea: Consider that the tool used on the image doesn't have to look exactly like the one on the dashboard if avoiding confusion is paramount. (Or, the user tool can be lifted out of the dashboard tool, or you can make the tool size scalable to match the pixel size being removed, etc.)

For much of my 'erasing' I have to capture an image in SnagIt, save it, then open it in MS Paint to erase with some sense of precision, Snag the erased image out of Paint and-finally-save it in SnagIt.. Wears me out, that does!

All said, thus far the eraser is my only gripe. I truly adore this program and how easy it is to use. Most of the time it's easy-peasy and I'm just thrilled with your proudct. But Paint kicking your butt? Really?
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Posted 8 years ago

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Thanks for taking the time to send us such detailed feedback. We think you made some great points, and this post has sparked a good discussion on the team. We'll consider these suggestions for a future release!

Mike Curtis
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Eraser tool in snaggit is imposible to use !.

This is a long standing problem in snagit going by older threads, (4 years old).  When I select the eraser tool, you can change the width no problem, but how do you know where the edge of the eraser is, you have to keep guessing with trial and error.  I invariably have to export my drawings into photoshop just to use the eraser!.

In photoshop the eraser appears as a circle, which gets bigger as you increase the width of the eraser.  Its easy to see which bits will get erased before you click on the picture to erase anything.  Why cant you put an edge around the eraser icon?

Other than that I love Snagit!
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I was trying to erase some text from a document today, and I realised that if the eraser tool could be constrained in some way to move only horizontal or vertically, it would be very helpful.
In Corel Draw holding the CLR key constrains the movement of the cursor (tool) and it makes erasing in a line very easy.
Just another idea for the bucket list.

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Hey Nick, have you tried using the Shift key as you click and drag? Seems to work for me.
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Thanks Rick.
Holding SHIFT allows vertical/horizontal movement
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Perfect! Thanks, I owe you one...
I'm a newbie around these parts...hahaha
Corel is my comfort zone. I'm like a fish out of water.
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"Feather feature in eraser tool"
I want to be able to erase the blur by specifying the feather value in the eraser tool like Photoshop.