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A portable version of Snagit.

Am using a portable version of another screencapture program, when I need to capture things on another pc. It just requires me to double click the .exe file, that simple.

Hope, one day, SnagIt will be portable the same way...
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Posted 8 years ago

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There should be an option to make SnagIt install as a portable application.

It could even be a striped down version of the full product as long as one can configure which keys to use for which profiles and the ability to open the editor after capture.

More and more IT departments are locking down the possibility to install software - but very often there are not any provisions for denying to run stand alone .exe files.

It is just a time before SnagIt will see decline in new sales and upgrades due to such policies. There is at least one competing screen capture product that lets the user install a portable version of itself. The price is a tad lower then SnagIt (and the functionality also) - but if this is what can be used, then the customers money will go to that suppliers instead of TechSmith.

I have been a long time (since pre year 2000) customer of TechSmith and owns both their PC and Macintosh products.
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In the 'old' SnagIt forum there were numerous requests for a truly portable version of SnagIt, i.e. an exe-version. This request is very old and I think uptil now there has never been any 'official' feedback from TechSmith.
If you were to do a site search on portable you may notice some earlier postings.
(e.g. Running SnagIt from a USB Drive)

Feel bad to say it here, but as this forum is also meant to be helping each other, can only but advise to have a look at the portable version of FastStone.

Am using that one once in a while, but -always- when it comes to capturing videos.

With me, capturing videos using SnagIt is a problem: it does not capture the entire height of the screen, but is rather leaving space of about 1" from the bottom of the screen (left to right) for control buttons. Have reported the issue already and maybe one day it will be solved, but timebeing (for videos) I resort to FastStone.

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I agree with these comments, and would also love to see a way i could take my Snagit with me. I'm a technical consultant, often out in the field helping our customers. To keep my life simple, i have all my 'basic' programs with me on my phone as portable exes (portableapps.com). This way, i only have to connect my phone to the clients PC, and voila, i can support the user on his own console. Very often however i document what we are doing 'on the spot', and here's where i miss Snagit :-(
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Guess, they aren't interested to create a portable SnagIt.

Even if it could be benificial from a commercial point of view, i.e.
1) sell SnagIt standard,
2) SnagIt Portable,
3) SnagIt standard incl. a portable version (separate license),
4) Sell an 'upgrade' to create a portable version from an existing, installed SnagIt.

The earliest posts I (myself) can trace on this portable version matter is dated dec.4, 2008, In fact, that's when -I0 stepped in.
No doubt there were earlier posts.

Have never seen any comments from the developers on this ongoing request though.

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