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Is it possible for others to use my copy of Camtasia? I have purchased the Camtasia software and I would like to share the software with some members of my team - so they can create their own recordings. 
Is this possible? 
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Posted 1 year ago

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I don't see a problem with it. But you can't take my word for it because I'm no Lawyer and my advice won't hold water.
The best and safest way to answer your question is to contact support. But I'll give you my take on it anyway.
Heres the most important part of EULA/License Agreement to consider.  https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia-eula.html

1.2      General Use. Except as otherwise provided in this EULA and so long as you comply with the terms and conditions of this EULA as a condition to the license granted herein, you are licensed to install and run one copy of the Software on one licensed device (the first licensed device) for use by one person at a time. Provided that you comply with all the terms and conditions of this EULA and when required by the Software, you present a valid, authorized, and activated Software key, you may also install and run a second copy of the Software on a second licensed device for use only by you for your internal business or individual use only, whichever is applicable. Only one person at a time may use the Software on each licensed device and the two licensed devices may not be used simultaneously by that one person. The components of the Software are licensed as a single unit, and you may not separate or virtualize the components and install them on different devices. By way of clarity, if this license has been entered into by an entity or organization, the copies of the Software licensed hereunder may only be used for the internal business purposes of the licensee entity or organization.

This is the part that tells me your Okay to let others use the program.Once again, I'm not qualified to say so.
"Only one person at a time" may use the Software on each licensed device and the two licensed devices may not be used simultaneously by that "one person."
Theres no mention of a license holder.Just a person.

But here's how to contact support for an answer you can count on {:>)

This is a Free Service............... Submit a ticket


Or call, >>>

 Toll Free: 800.517.3001 (U.S. & Canada Only)

8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST Monday through Friday

Regards, Joe

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This license, like most software licenses, allows you to use the software on more than one PC, but no more than one at a time. The idea is to allow some flexibility if you have a desktop and a laptop, or perhaps a home computer and an office computer. You can't just install it on multiple machines and let other people use it simultaneously. You could let someone else use it on your computer, though that probably violates the spirit of the license if not the actual wording of it.
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Thank you for asking about the correct usage of your Camtasia license.

Please see below for answers that should help:
  1. TechSmith software is licensed per user, what does "per user" mean?
    Each user may install and use one copy of the software product on up to two computers for their sole use, provided only one computer is in use at any given time. This includes home and work, or a laptop and desktop.

  2. What is the difference between a single-user and multi-user license?
    A single-user license includes a key for each copy purchased. A multi-user license provides one key for all users based on the number of licenses purchased. Multi-user licenses for Snagit, Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac start at 5 users.

  3. What if there are workstations or labs where multiple users log on to a single computer?
    In cases where a license is installed on a shared work station, one license may be purchased per computer. In this case, installation on a secondary computer is not permitted. All users on that computer are bound to the terms of the license agreement. Please contact sales to complete the agreement required to use the licenses in this manner.
If this doesn't resolve your question, please see this page:
Or use the contact information to contact our sales or customer service teams for more information. 
Thanks again,Kelly