PowerPoint Add-In and Screen Recorder Unified Experience

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When I record online training, I use both the PowerPoint add-in and the camtasia recorder.
Currently, these are 2 completely different applications with a different experience throughout.
While I understand that some features must be different (for example - choosing capture area), for the most part, I would love to have a unified experience and workflow as much as possible.

  • I like the countdown timer in the screen recorder, it doesn't exist in PPT add-in. Could be nice to have it after clicking the 'record' button.
  • I like the way the screen recorder has a 'DELETE' button in case I want to start over. The PPT add-in forces me to stop the recording, wait and 'cancel' the save, and confirm the delete warning message.
  • Having the same keyboard shortcuts for both would be much appreciated.
  • I like the fact that the PPT add-in allows me to name the recording and choose a folder for it. The screen recorded automatically adds it to the media bin, and puts it in the Camtasia folder, with a timestamp for a name. This forces me to delete it from the media bin, go to the folder, rename the file, and then cut it and past it into my own folder structure. Quite a hassle which I perform dozens of times.
Having a unified UI and workflow experience for both recorders will significantly improve my Camtasia experience.

Thank you for an excellent product.


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Posted 1 year ago

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regarding your 4th bullet above, you can configure Recorder to ask for file name; you can also designate the default save folder; look at tools/options/general tab, file options

you can also just save and not put in bin/timeline; look at program tab options
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Another less productive feature, is the fact that after saving the recording from the Camtasia recorder, it automatically launches the Camtasia editor.
I couldn't find a setting to prevent it in the menus.
Since I record multiple clips, and only edit them later, I have to repeatedly wait for the editor to launch, only to close it immediately, and click 'don't save'. 
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Under "Tool Options" "Program"
You have to have "Hide preview window after recording is stopped" Checked.
Then you can access the drop down window for "Do this with my Recording" and select Save.

You can uncheck "Hide preview window after recording is stopped" afterward. Its a screwy way of doing things.
But that's the order of events you need to follow to change that setting from Auto.


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To stop the editor from opening after recording your ppt with the Camtasia recorder add-in

Go to the Powerpoint Add-ins tab and click on the Camtasia recorder options icon

In the popup window Un-check "Edit in Camtasia when finished.

You can also Check "Start recording paused" 
Not a count down like would like both it lets you Get Ready before you hit record.

After your done recording
Windows "Save As" explorer window will open so you can name/rename your recording
and save it as a .trec file.

If you leave the option checked then you will get the "Save As" window again to save the .trec and then a popup asking what you want to do with the .trec

As a side note, a newer version of Powerpoint has it's own recording option and does a good job.

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I found that one, but I couldn't find it in the camtasia recorder :-)
Turns out it is well hidden, as Joe enlightened me ...
This is another discrepancy between the PPT add-in, and the camtasia recorder app...
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Thanks for the tips! highly appreciated!