Precise playhead positioning, or GoTo time feature.

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I’m using Camtasia 9.0.1, but can use Camtaisia 8.5 just as
easily.  I was looking to go from where I am, at any zoom level, to any point on the timeline. If I am zoomed out to see 1 hour or more on the timeline and want to make a one or two frame adjustment, it is impossible to do a drag precisely (or any mouse or arrow function), zooming in and out 20 or 30 times takes forever. If I could just type in 2:18:44:06, I’d just be at the correct zoom level at the correct location. Does such functionality exist? I can't find it. Right now I have to drag an in or our point 1 hour ahead or 1 hour behind, then zoom in closer and closer, then adjust the location I dragged, then zoom in more and more, then adjust and eventually arrive at the right frame. Do my business, zoom out, out, out, go back to where I was, then start the process again for the next edit. As seen in the screenshot, there is a window that keeps track of my whole piece and where I currently am. If I could just click on the box, or right-click or something, like click “Go To” and type in the time and have the playhead and screen just zip me in there at the current zoom level it would be immensely easier and faster to work on a long production. People working on 5 and 10 minute clips don’t really have such problems, but once your production is over 30 minutes, it is extremely difficult to navigate around the time line. It seems logical someone already built in this functionality, but I can’t find it. Any help out there? Also, the current default for display is hrs:min:sec:10ths of seconds. Is there a way to make the last two digits show frame number within the current second, based on the current frame rate of the video (e.g., 1-24 for 24 fps, 1-30 for 30 fps, 1-60 for 60 fps, etc.)?

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looks like you're using CS8?

the ability to navigate to a specific time location does not exist

however, my simple workaround is to use temporary markers to identify the desired locations; temporary captions can also be used for this type of timeline navigation

also, the time indications show the location in hours-minutes-seconds-frames, where there a 30 frames in a second
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Being able to specify "2:18:44;06" is a feature that would save a lot of time, no question!

Even with two hours on the timeline, you can get where you need to be in two mouse motions. When zoomed all the way out, drag the playhead close to the target. Even with two hours showing, you will probably be able to get to within a couple of minutes of where you want to be. Then, instead of clicking on the zoom in button repeatedly, drag the zoom slider. The playhead will stay on screen as you zoom in closer and closer.

Here's a video: