Problems with Camtasia 9

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I've come back to Camtasia after using other tools for several years, and all in all I'm reasonably happy with the product. However, I've also found a number of annoying things:

Absolute paths to assets: I've seen in the forums that a whole lot of people have complained about this for at least the last four years, and for me this is something of a show stopper. Had I known about it before I bought the product I would have spent a lot more time looking for alternatives. We are several people that need to share projects, and importing and exporting is not an option. We want to use version control, with different checkout directories and operating systems. And besides, how hard can it be? If the asset is in a sub directory strip the prefix.

Incorrect handling of decimals: the UI seems to use the American way of writing decimal numbers with a point exclusively, but it accepts input only in the current locale (with a comma in Sweden) which means that it gets the input wrong when people use the point they see in the current number.

Different views for the media bin and library makes for an inconsistent user experience. The library lacks previews making it useless for anything you didn’t put there yourself, and the media bin lacks categories, and can only sort on one key. The media bin doesn’t seem to be using a stable sorting algorithm, so when I try to get it to sort on name then type to make up for the lack of categories I get a mess. (Not sure about the last part, haven’t had time to test it thoroughly.)

No way that I’ve found to select where recordings are stored or their name. At least the powerpoint plugin can open a file dialog.

Can’t record the camera on its own. Making a small screen recording and then delete it works of course but is such a hack.


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Posted 3 years ago

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100% agreement with the absolute path issue. We do use export/import as .zip but then all the files are just dumped into the same folder which complicates file management for any but the very simplest projects. Relative paths for linked files, PLEASE!!

Also agree with the inability to name and place recordings. This wasn't the case in v8 and significantly impacts my workflow. 
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I totally agree with all above. Comming from regular programming I found relative project paths a must. Though libraries are a great idea in theory, this approach makes traking files and file versions a nightmare. What if somebody changes files in a library - all depending projects get affected. As disk apce cannot be the problem any more, having all project related sources in a single folder with corresponding subfolders is the only way, no matter what developers try to tell you. As I also use software to build setups, I know that other vendors do both, support global folders that can hold library kind of data and all remaining files are rlativ to project folder - > best of both worlds !

So, please Camtasia developers, please put this to the list !